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  1. Hello.. I was wondering if someone here could answer my questions I have about the nclex rn exam? I jsut started my senior year of nursing school and I'll be taking the Nclex probably June or July 06. My school is having us complete 100-150 nclex questions per week for practice. I have 3 books.. Davis's Nclex RN Success, Nclex Rn Review by Alice Stein, And I jsut ordered the Lippincott review book too. I also have Saunders, springhouse, and mosbys cd roms. Any other suggestions on books? Some people have said taht Kaplan is the best book to buy and the questions on teh exam are most like Kaplan qusetions... is this true?? I read on kaplans website that if you buy the book and you end up failing you can return it for a full refund. So that made me kind of want to buy it.

    Is there people here who had used the Kaplan nclex rn review book and ended up failing and returning it? Just wondering if this happens often.

    ANy books you should STAY AWAY from because they are too easy? I have the NCLEX Rn Review made inredibly easy Question And ANswer book and its filled with that. But my instructors at school said to stay away from that book becaus the questions are too easy. So I just wanted to get peoples input on that.

    Some states have a faster response as to whether you passed or not? I read this in a post here and I had no idea. I will be taking it in PA, is this a fast state or a slow state?

    In my first semester of nursing school i made the mistake of studying too much and getting the material really confused and I want to makes ure I don't do this for the NCLEX exam. Is there any advice anyone here can give me on how NOT to do that?

    Also.. I will be taking my nclex exam in pa and then going to move to california to work. Is it hard to get my license transfered from pa to california? Is it a process that takes a while? Will I be able to work right away? I Don't know the answers to any of these questions.

    If anyone could help me out here i'd realllllly appreciate it! Thanks in advance
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  3. by   EricJRN
    As far as NCLEX review books, I'm a Saunders Comprehensive fan. The practice questions might not be as challenging as the Kaplan ones, but the content is great. If you want one book that has all the info you need to pass the exam, I think Saunders is about as good as it gets.

    Quick Results is a service offered by Pearson VUE (the company that administers the NCLEX) where you can find out NCLEX results in 48 hours, but PA does not participate. In non-Quick Results states, it just depends how quickly your state board moves. Do a search of this forum. I'm pretty sure we've had recent discussions about results in PA.

    I don't know anyone who walked into the NCLEX feeling too prepared. It's a lot of info, so the more studying, the better. If you're disorganized about it or you cram, that can certainly hurt, so that's where planning and a good NCLEX review book are your friends.

    For information about transferring your license to California, your best source is the California Board of Registered Nursing.

    For more info about the NCLEX, check out the 2006 Candidate Bulletin at
  4. by   mendu
    i prepared using saunder's comprehensive review 3rd edition, review for NCLEX, I also did lots of questions on saunder's CD, mosby CD, and NcLex 3500 CD. i did excell review, which summarized what i did learn at school but it gave me idea what to focus on. it worked for me, passing with 75 questions with the first attempt.
    i would suggest for those taking NCLEX in 2007 to start to do more select all that apply type questions. they are not so much expanded now yet but per my review instructors there will be change in NCLEX format next year. they told us to expect more selection and fill in blank questions; including signs and symptoms of disorders and medications, also put in orders (1, 2, 3...): IV line, CPR, trach care. i still think they will focus on infection and priority.
    wish all of you who will and are taking NCLEX best luck. Practice, practice, practice, do not procrastinate. It is your future and your families future. I always say if we are able to survive nursing school we are already more than half way toward the nursing career. It is hard but this is what most of us have chosen to do and our responsibility is toward our patients. Good assessment skills and knowledge is needed to provide safe sufficient care, this we learn and develop through school and later at work.
    keep up good work and faith.
  5. by   luv2shopp85
    ^^ What is the excelle review that gives you an idea what to focus on? I think I need soemthing like that.
  6. by   RGN1
    I think Kaplan has questions closest to that on the N-CLEX itself & that Saunders is a good review book.

    As you might see from my many posts on the subject I think the Kaplan live 5/1 day course is brilliant. I also have to say that the NCSBN review had 1 question that actually came up on my exam! However, overall I think Kaplan is the best.
  7. by   suzanne4
    I only use Saunder's Comprehensive Review when I teach, and I specialize in foreign students whose primary language is not Englsh, and they get thru the exam the first time................that says it for me. and they usually cannot afford to get more than one book.

    I personally state you need to focus on the rationales behind each answer, and not just the questions. There is a technique to learn what NCLEX is looking for. And too many different views spoils the pot.
  8. by   mendu
    Excell Nursing Review is offered in California, New Jersey, and Illinois. check their web site: i also heard about Martin Nursing Review. some school recommend Kaplan. i took it to structure myself, to guide through preparation for NCLEX. it helped me but i did about a month of NCLEX CD review and reading each question and rational, Saunder's Comprehensive review...
    i hope this helps you. it is up to you if you need to take review coure. many of my friends did not take any and they also pass.
    good luck. :spin: