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A popup stating "The candidate has previously passed this exam. A new appointment cannot be scheduled" just came up tonight...after previously getting the "good" popup.....I took my test... Read More

  1. by   kayleighot
    OMG!! That exactly happened to me too. Took the nclex pn on 9.21.11, tried the pvt trick yesterday before the maintenance work, got the good pop up stating " A candidate had previously scheduled the exam, please contact the board member yadi yadi yada.." I went on to check on the website again just tonight, they changed the NEW wording as in"The candidate has previously passed this exam, a new appointment cannot be schedule." Anyways, I am still waiting for the official result to come out but seeing the "passed" word definately help ease my mind.

    Cheers to all my fellow nurses and Big CONGRATS!!
  2. by   xkrystlex
    YAY! I'm so excited for everyone! .............Congrats to all!....Today, i start my new job at a local hospital (just orientation, i have orientation mixed with working for a few weeks)....but im very excited about that too!....Its been a few years since ive worked, it will be nice to have 2 GOOD incomes in our house
  3. by   kinsella
    The PVT good pop up has changed now? hehe and now it tells you directly? nice!! Maybe noone's gonna pay for quick result from now on. hehe just joking! Congrats to those who passed! happy for you all!

    :rckn: :rckn:
  4. by   razor123
    I took my nclex today, sept 26 & i checked PVT & it says that " The candidate has previously passed this exam. A new appointment cannot be scheduled." Yayyyy!!!! I felt so relieved after all the struggles at school. Cheers to us, my fellow new nurses!!!
  5. by   jhsRN
    How soon will the PVT work after taking the exam? Can I check it as soon as I get to my car? Has anyone checked it that quick?
  6. by   at_ronalyn14
    Hi everyone. I also got the pop up that says "the candidate has previously passed this exam. a new appointment cannot be scheduled. " and I am really hoping that I pass just like you guys. I took my exam just a while a go (September 27 2011). and still waiting for my quick result
  7. by   missT2011
    I got that pop up too! I will be so happy once I get my offical results
  8. by   xkrystlex
    Quote from FutureRNat52
    How soon will the PVT work after taking the exam? Can I check it as soon as I get to my car? Has anyone checked it that quick?

    You should be able to check right when your finished.
  9. by   ma2lvnn3
    I got the SAME pop up today after taking my nclex RN here in california.....I hope this is the new good pop up!!! what do u guys think??? I am going crazy
  10. by   rich_rn_xy
    Just took the MA NCLEX today. Finished in 75 questions. Not really sure if I did great or horrible. I checked online 30 min after exam and it says "candidate has already passed" when trying to register for another exam. Hopefully this is true!
  11. by   Foxboogie84
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    I took my NCLEX exam yesterday 9/27 afternoon. As many of you already know its stressful waiting on your results so around 9 pm I started checking GBON for my license...well all I got was "PENDING". I refreshed that screen a hundred times until I said to myself "girl you have got to go to sleep". I woke up today 9/28 and checked GBON again still "PENDING". Well I decided to go back to sleep. Instead of going directly back to GBON site again I went to Pearsonvue and tried to schedule another exam (I already had it in my mind that I had failed) and when I got to the screen where it asked for state, program,etc and clicked "Next", it would not allow me to go to the next screen and the popup stated "This candidate has already passed this exam & is unable to schedule another exam". Could it be I thought to myself??!!!; I repeated the same process at least 20 more times and the same pop up came up again. I waited another 15 minutes or so, took a deep breath and went back to GBON and it stated my RN license as ACTIVE. So this re-registering trick was accurate in my case.
  12. by   oswalt521
    I'd like to hear some stories of people who didn't pass and what their popup message said. Sigh... Took the boards yesterday and I can't sleep!!!! I got the message stating I passed, but I won't believe til I see the official results... It feels too good to be true.
  13. by   at_ronalyn14
    OMG guys..i just purchased my quick result at Pearsons and I did pass seems like the good pop us was accurate