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  1. kayleighot

    PVT Trick says that I "previously passed"...is this right?

    Hello! Just wanted to report that the new pvt pop up is 100% accurate!! I took the test on 9.21.11 at ontario, CA and got the good pop up. Received the letter today on 10.5.11 stated that I passed the NCLEX-PN. Yay, I'm officially a now:>
  2. kayleighot

    How many times should I take NCLEx before I give up?

    Oh dear.. you probably have test anxiety. But I believe your hardwork will pay off one day:> Just don't stress yourself out and have faith. You can do it!
  3. kayleighot

    PVT Trick says that I "previously passed"...is this right?

    OMG!! That exactly happened to me too. Took the nclex pn on 9.21.11, tried the pvt trick yesterday before the maintenance work, got the good pop up stating " A candidate had previously scheduled the exam, please contact the board member yadi yadi yada.." I went on to check on the website again just tonight, they changed the NEW wording as in"The candidate has previously passed this exam, a new appointment cannot be schedule." Anyways, I am still waiting for the official result to come out but seeing the "passed" word definately help ease my mind. Cheers to all my fellow nurses and Big CONGRATS!!

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