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  1. How soon will the PVT work after taking the exam? Can I check it as soon as I get to my car? Has anyone checked it that quick?
  2. FL BON taking forever

    I was pinned on 8/15 and my school supposedly sent our names in on 8/29. My classmates and myself are frustrated that it is taking so long to get our ATTs. Did you get yours yet?
  3. SJRCC?

    How's the new RN grad job market? Are most of you finding jobs?
  4. SJRCC nursing spring 2010

    So true!
  5. SJRCC nursing spring 2010

    Anyone get their email with orientation info yet?
  6. SJRCC nursing spring 2010

    Mine is dated 10/9 also but postmarked yesterday. I live in Keystone Heights. Where does everyone else live?
  7. SJRCC?

    Got mine too!!!!
  8. SJRCC nursing spring 2010

    Got my letter today! I'm in!!!!
  9. SJRCC nursing spring 2010

    Any word yet? I am really having a hard time waiting to know if I got in. It's like my life is on hold!
  10. SJRCC?

    Too bad! Men's medium is too tight across the chest. Glad to see the nursing profession is attracting more men. I hate working with only women. Women have a tendency to be mean to each other for some reason.
  11. SJRCC?

    What size? White for hospital or blue polo shirt?
  12. SJRCC?

    Letters should go out the end of next week or beginning of the following week. Keep your fingers crossed.
  13. SJRCC?

    That's great you had so many interviews. I plan to network and try to get a part time patient care tech job during school to get my foot in the door. Good luck finding your dream job! Post back to keep us updated.
  14. SJRCC?

    Congratulations! That is great. SJRCC must be doing something right. Did you go to OP or Palatka? How is the job market for new grads?
  15. SJRCC nursing spring 2010

    Thanks! Maybe we will hear from others.