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  1. Hi! I took the NCLEX on Fri 8/4/17 at 1pm. The test ended at 82 q's and took me around 45 min to complete. The entire thing is such a blur... All I can really remember is that I had around 20-25 SATA. I had really odd q's that didn't seem to relate to most of the content from Uworld. I can't tell if I thought the q's were weird because they were easier than Uworld or ?!?! I averaged 60-65% on the Uworld qbank tests and when I took both of the assessment tests, my predictability on passing was "very high."

    I waited 24 hrs to try the PVT but on my first attempt this is what came up: "the candidate currently has test results that are on hold. A new registration cannot be created at this time." I had trouble with the palm vein scan throughout my entire testing experience so I'm wondering if this has something to do with my results being on hold? It's now 8/7/17 and the PVT keeps coming up with "results on hold." I'm FREAKING out. I've called PV 3 times since Fri and they've all told me the same thing - my palm vein scan went through and I should receive my results by Monday or Tuesday. They have also dodged my question about why there's a hold on my results... I'm so nervous that I failed and I can't wait any longer. I'm more stressed waiting for these results than I was for taking the actual exam. Can anyone tell me when I should be seeing some progress with my results?!? Can't believe it's been almost 72 hours and I still have yet to hear anything...
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    Breathe, whatever your results are, there's not a single thing you can do now to change them. Keep yourself as busy as possible and wait it out. People answering phones don't necessarily know or have access to any info, and aren't inclined to get it for you. They are the gatekeepers- overbook yourself like crazy til Wednesday. That's the best that you can do at this point.
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    Thanks for your input! The suspense is killing me. I'm trying to keep myself busy but my mind eventually wanders back to the same place no matter what I do. This is terrible
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    Yes, there's nothing you can do at this point. The reason for the "hold" may or may not have anything to do with you specifically. It usually means there was something noted that was out of the norm that they have to investigate and you're somehow part of it. All candidate stations are recorded (probably Audio as well as video) and it could be the computer noted something unusual OR the proctor noted something unusual. If you did something that may have broken the rules (even if you actually didn't) they'll have to review the session to be certain.

    Bottom line, there's nothing you can do right now and once they're done with the investigation, they'll release the results if everything is otherwise OK. If it isn't, they'll let you know at that time.
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    Just checked and I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!! I'm on top of the world right now!!!!!!!! BEST. DAY. EVER
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    Hey when you say you were scoring 60-65% is that on the right questions versus wrong? Did you finisg uworld questions before t\you went to test. I have only done 900 and I test in a week.
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    I would make up tiny tests consisting of 30 q's and my average score on most of those was 60-65%. Before I took the NCLEX I reviewed all of the q's I got incorrect and that REALLY helped! Good luck on your test! You're gonna kill it!!!
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    Ok thank you. I am so nervous!!! I have done over 900Q. I need to buckle up and do 500Q more. Did you Finish all. Congratulations.
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    Thank you!!! I finished all the q's but honestly I think that quality is more important than quantity... Don't rush to do all the q's. Take your time and read the explanations and *educational objectives* carefully and thoroughly! And most importantly DON'T second guess yourself! You got this!!!!!
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    Quote from Joel001
    Ok thank you. I am so nervous!!! I have done over 900Q. I need to buckle up and do 500Q more. Did you Finish all. Congratulations.
    I didn't exactly "do" hundreds or thousands of questions and I easily passed. What I did was concentrate on how the questions were being asked and the thought process behind the questions and "more correct" answers that the exam looks for. This is something you can't really teach, but once you figure out the method behind the madness (often it just "clicks") you'll be able to take the exam without really stressing yourself out too much. Since you'll never see actual NCLEX questions, nor will you see them again if you have to take the NCLEX again, you just really should use the questions to help you find areas of weakness in your education/knowledge base. A good and solid knowledge base along with figuring out the way these questions are written, will go a very long way toward you passing the NCLEX.

    Yes, it's hard. Yes, it's comprehensive. No, it's not like climbing Mount Everest where only a few can do it. If you were able to successfully pass nursing school, you have the knowledge to pass this. It's doable.