PVT: Don't Trust the Bad Pop-Ups!

  1. I took the NCLEX-RN 2 days ago and was so sure I had failed. I panicked early in the exam and stayed that way all throughout it--spending too much time on each question, re-reading the stem and choices, and changing my answers constantly. I was doing everything I was told not to do on the exam. I gave up near the end and hoped to get more questions to prove myself. It stopped at 75 and my heart sank.

    I was so sure I had failed, but I wanted to try the Pearson Vue Trick for hope. I got the "bad pop-up" after inputting my credit card info correctly so it just confirmed my gut feelings. I didn't want to waste any time for preparing for my second attempt so I went to the BON site to check what I had to do to reapply/retake, but I saw that my RN license was active and issued the day right after my exam. I cried.

    I hope this little anecdote comforts anyone waiting on their results. It truly is the most nerve-wracking 48 hrs you'll have to endure, but remember, there's always hope--even if the PVT shows you a bad pop-up.
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  3. by   MrsFutureNurse1
    Thanks for the info and congratulations!!
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    Thanks! =)