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  1. fallgirl95

    Failed NCLEX twice with 265 both times

    How did you prepare for NCLEX? I would recommend UWorld for anyone studying for nclex. It truly helps you so much answering nclex style questions and the design and layout are the exact same! Please do not get discouraged because this is just a small setback for a greater comeback! Keep studying and think positive thoughts only! Good luck to you.
  2. I just found out I PASSED NCLEX! I wanted to make this tread for people that are currently studying, waiting for results, or have already passed/failed and wanted a place to get advice, vent, express their emotions lol. I can tell you that I was under so much stress the past two days waiting for my result, it was brutal, to be honest. But I kept good faith and knew in my heart that I prepared well for it but the suspense and wait really did a number on me lol. If you guys want to know how I studied or anything, in general, let me know below! Good luck, future Nurses!
  3. fallgirl95

    Shut off at 75? You mostly likely passed!

    I also stopped at 75 and was so surprised I did. I know that I have been preparing for this well and UWorld has been great. I should know my score by later afternoon today. This post has given me hope because I know I did not do THAT bad to fail at the minimum number of questions. I studied too hard for that to happen but the suspense is killing me lol. I need to see it writing in order to calm my nerves.
  4. fallgirl95

    PVT: Don't Trust the Bad Pop-Ups!

    Congrats! That is awesome! I know this is an old post but I am currently waiting for my results. I did not want to do the PVT for this sole reason. I am waiting until its 48 hours exactly so that I can check to see if Quick Results is available and/or see if the Texas BON posted my license. Good luck to everyone that is going to take NCLEX and to those who are waiting like me the past 48 hours have not been fun lol but we all will get through this!
  5. fallgirl95

    NCLEX in evening?

    I take mine soon and its scheduled for 2 pm. I think it depends on the testing center
  6. Hello, does anyone know what the name of the nurse residency is called for the VA Houston location? I have been looking at USA Jobs every day to see if they posted the application. Thanks!
  7. fallgirl95

    MD Anderson Nurse Residency 2020

    Hello, Which unit did you apply for? I applied to several units that had the Clinical nurse residency Program but have not heard back from them yet. I keep calling HR but they say that once the application status says "Interview In process" to give them a call. I'm getting kind of nervous, It has been over a month since I have applied and I know one person who already had an interview and got offered a job. She said they are doing interviews in batches and she was lucky enough to be in the first batch.
  8. I am not sure how many they accept at a time however, I think people choose to go to chamberlain because it is easier to get accepted. Also for those that have family and kids it easy to balance out school and personal life. People say chamberlain is expensive which I think it is (i go there) but I came into the school with 50 credit hours already completed. So I only had to do the remaining nursing courses. This took a load off the tuition expense. I also had two scholarships that I get. I did take out a small loan but the amount I owe is nowhere near 70 or 80K. If you are thinking about chamberlain, come in with nursing prerequisites already completed.
  9. Hello! I am going to take the Comprehensive Predictor 2016 version in a few months and I wanted to know if there were certain things that we needed to know for the exam. Also, what were some things that helped with ATI questions? I want to get a head start with studying for it because I heard the predictor is very difficult.

    1. Nurseinprogress2019


      How did it go do you have any tips ? 

    2. fallgirl95

      fallgirl95, BSN, RN

      I took it in October and passed with a 98% probability of passing NCLEX! To study for this exam I immersed myself in ATI questions. There's is a question bank in ATI under Learning Systems 3.0 called adaptive quizzes. I did 50-75 questions every day and wrote down rationales for all the topics I missed or guessed on. The pink comprehensive book is also a great way to review your knowledge but just know that if you do not know a concept or remember it I would look at the other ATI books as those will give you more details. The pink book is only for review.

      Definitely study lab values because labs will always be on the test. I had a good amount of Med-Surg and Maternal questions on my exam. Review your weaknesses because chances are you will get questions on topics you are not strong on. There are a lot of questions that are repeated but asked in a different way so be mindful of that and read questions carefully. For the Comprehensive Practice A I scored 69.3% and later took practice B and got 75% and for the VATI Comprehensive Practice Predictor got 78%. And finally, for the actual ATI Comprehensive Predictor, I made a 78% 🙂 Good luck to you!

  10. fallgirl95

    RN Ati comprehensive Predictor 2016

    Thank You for the info! I am taking the predictor in 3 months and I want to get a head start on it. I tried to PM you but my account won't let me.

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