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  1. Hey Nurses, I have just received my ATT from NY BON and it feels so good This is how i got the approval. I have always wanted to move to the States ever since i qualified few years ago but i never got round to doing anything about it. But late last year, i finally decided to start the process. I looked for an agency who was willing to employ me and help me with the process. My application was sent directly by the agency to NYBON early November with 1f form , my university sent my transcripts with a 2F form directly to NY and NMC sent the verification of license to NY via online. This is a faster process compare to using CGFNS. There was a bit of a delay with my application because NMC has a new process in place but NY wasn't aware of this so NY kept asking for a paper copy of the verification. I had to keep calling NYBON to relate this new process to them. Eventually NY accepted the verification via online. Few weeks laters i received my approval letter via email. I am glad i did not give up because a lot of people in this forum stated that UK trained nurses do not have the required hours to qualify for Nclex. Although i did a 2 week mental health placement but never did a placement in Gynea, labour or peads ward. But my transcript did include 75 hours of peads and OBs cos i did few weeks placement in ANE and i had the opportunity to care for children and pregnant women. Nclex next #DontGiveup Sent from my iPhone
  2. NurseeDeeva

    Are nurses allowed to blog on Youtube

    Hello Nurses, i would like to start blogging on Youtube and please i would like to know if nurses Uk are allowed to blog? My youtube channel is going to focus on different aspect of my life. Travel, fashion, parenting etc Thank you Ayodele ikusika
  3. NurseeDeeva

    Theoretical/ Practical Hours Required To Work In The US

    Floriida BON (a) Registered nursing programs: 1. 70 theory hours and 127 clinical hours in medical nursing, 2. 45 theory hours and 104 clinical hours in surgical nursing, 3. 31 theory hours and 44 clinical hours in obstetrical nursing, 4. 32 theory hours and 43 clinical hours in pediatric nursing; and, 5. 34 theory hours and 53 clinical hours in psychiatric/mental health nursing. (b) Practical nursing programs: 1. 87 theory hours and 115 clinical hours in medical nursing, 2. 76 theory hours and 103 clinical hours in surgical nursing, 3. 34 theory hours and 47 hours in obstetrics nursing; and, 4. 27 theory hours and 38 clinical hours in pediatrics nursing.
  4. NurseeDeeva

    Nursing recruitment agencies in the usa

    Try medipro Healthcare Jobs In The US | MedPro International
  5. NurseeDeeva

    NY BON no need to pass CVS?

    For Ny you might not need to go through CGFNS. The form says that
  6. Please did Florida permit you to sit the Nclax? And pls when did you qualify
  7. NurseeDeeva

    Finnish/EU Nursing Grad to US Licensure

    Good luck with the move to USA, i am a UK trained nurse i would like to know if you had any issues with hours in OB and Peads? Thank you
  8. NurseeDeeva

    Email from Florida BON

    Historically, in some instances, the members of the Board of Nursing have approved applicants based on overages in other areas. Other applicants have been conditionally approved and required to complete a board-approved remedial course (80 theory and 96 clinical hours in a Florida clinical setting) prior to being made eligible to take the NCLEX. Some applicants have been denied due to extensive shortages of hours and required content. Don't give up
  9. NurseeDeeva

    Graduate UK nurse making move to USA

    Hello What is the update with ur application? Have u tried Florida, NY or Oregon?
  10. NurseeDeeva

    CA Schools offering programs for MS/OB deficiencies

    please how much did the course cost?
  11. NurseeDeeva

    BON of GA sent a request to CGFNS

    Thank you.
  12. NurseeDeeva

    BON of GA sent a request to CGFNS

    Pls what is the differnces btw CVS and CES?
  13. Please how many hours do Florida and Texas require in OB and MS?
  14. NurseeDeeva

    UK nurses going to the US

    Thank you for ur reply. I qualified in 2015. I am thinking of trying Florida or Texas or NY BON cos i heqrd they allow UK trained Nurses who shorts of hours to register.