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    Hell Nurses, The last time I took my NCLEX I got below the passing standard in Basic care and comfort and reduction of risk. please what resources can I use to help improve my knowledge in this area? Thank you
  2. Graduate UK nurse making move to USA

    Via agency but you can apply yourself online call them they are very helpful
  3. Graduate UK nurse making move to USA

    Have you tried New York, i applied to Newyork and i qualified to Sit the Nclex.
  4. Failed, so what next

    Do i have to be in above the passing standard in every content area to pass? I just received my performance report. thank you
  5. Failed, so what next

    Thanknyou so much Thank you so much 4 years experience.
  6. NCLEX anxiety

    Awww Congrats And well done
  7. Failed, so what next

    Hello Nurses, i just found out i failed.???? please i need advise on what to do next? What do i need to do in order to pass next time. I was so sure i was ready. I used uworld, it was so helpful. I am international graduate. I was getting the 59. - ...
  8. Nclex exams 48 hours ago and still no result

    Thank you
  9. Nclex exams 48 hours ago and still no result

    Not true, i just paid for my result, i failed ??? i will pass the next one BGG
  10. Nclex exams 48 hours ago and still no result

    Good morning so i took the nclex exams over 48 houra ago over here in london 2nd of july 2019, 08.00am exams stopped at 80 question. At about 9.30am Please did anyone take the nclex exams on the 2nd? Have u seen your result? Thank you
  11. NCLEX anxiety

    Hello have you received your result. I did my exams on that same day but still waiting.
  12. repeat test taker - passed the 2nd time :)

    thank you for sharing
  13. My NCLEX Experience

    thank you for this
  14. PVT: Don't Trust the Bad Pop-Ups!

    thank you for this
  15. NCLEX PN// Got both good and bad pop up...

    did u pass ?