Post NCLEX feelings

  1. Is it normal to walk out of that test and cry? I also can't remember anything I tested on specifically. It's totally wierd!! I studied over 5,000 questions on every available testing service. I went in there confident and walked out in tears. I would know the answer to a question only to find that it was not one of the choices!!! Well, I took 75 questions. I hope I don't make history by being the first known person to fail with 75 questions. Will know on Thursday!!
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  3. by   JentheRN05
    The majority of people do leave the test in tears. I know I did, I thought for sure I failed it, the questions in my opinion were too easy, after only 83 questions I figured I must have done so bad that they gave me only easy questions and then failed me. Well two days later I was an RN. So keep your chin up, most people (that I have heard of) passed if they got 75.
  4. by   packnrn
    Thanks for the positive thoughts. But, I didn't think it was easy...but then again I think I have PTSD because I can't remember a lot of the questions
  5. by   Mommy2Maddy
    You are more normal than you think packnrn! No one that I know of walks out of there with a huge smile on their face. Everyone I have ever seen walk out looks like the just went through the worst 1-5 hours of their lives. Hehehehehehe! Keep your head up, I'm sure you did GREAT!