Please Reply- NCLEX and the need for Ativan

  1. Trying to study for the NCLEX and every time I get started I think that I will freak out. I have books from Kaplan and the online study my school offered NCSBN. I did not do well on the first test for my online study. I forked out so much money at DSN (private school) and I just want to be able to go the best, yet cheap, route. Any idea's?????? If anyone went to Denver School of Nursing please reply- I don't feel prepared enough to take the boards.:uhoh21:
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  3. by   nightingale
    I moved your Thread to the NCLEX Forum. Good luck to you and let us know how you make out.
  4. by   hlfpnt
    Try Saunders 3rd edition. It's a very good book...also try Suzanne4's study plan that uses the Saunders book. You can find info on this in a "sticky" at the top of this forum. Good luck to you!
  5. by   nurse414
    Thank you, I PM her and am waiting for a reply. I have the book and have started to use it :-)
  6. by   DolphinRN84
    I agree with hlfpnt. Suzanne has a 100% passing rate using Saunder's Comprehensive Book 3rd edition. You have to follow the sticky first that says "first tip of my new study guide" and then you can PM Suzanne your email address so she can send you her plan via email. Good luck!
  7. by   nurse414
    Started Suzanne's plan and did the best I have following the Sauders directions then I ever did so far (I am sooooo happy). I did Pm her and I believe things are starting to look up. Thanks for the feed back
  8. by   Nursing28
    Nurse414: Eat fish the night before the exam. It truly helps. I always freak out on exam. Think positive cuz if you start to think negative when taking the test, you will end up doing bad. (it happens to me all the time in nursing school). Do NOT study 3 days before the exam. Do something relaxing.....Saunders is a great book. Utilize it to the fullest.
  9. by   augigi
    I don't think the passing rate is 100% since someone posted here that they used it but failed... but it's certainly higher than anything else I've seen.
  10. by   Holly27
    Oh my Gosh ! I so understand what you are going through. I finished school in June and took my test the end of Sept.(2 nervous to take any sooner) I was totally freaked out. I would answer 10 question on my Saunders CD and get maybe 4/10 right! This went on for weeks! I felt the same way about spending all this money on school and NCLEX review and then having to go out and buy more review books and CD's. I did it anyways ---> I bought Kaplan strategies, Saunders review w/ CD. I enjoyed the Kaplan b/c it had words of wisdom in a way,like how to think straight when you don't think it's possible. In the end I ended up using my school books more. I figure it would be easier to brush up on the things I knew about then learn alot about stuff I had never heard of. I had a friend call like 5 times tonite b/c she is taking it in the morning. I told her to calm down,take a long bath,paint her toes, and relax! of course she told me I'm nuts! LOL. I'll tell you what I told her.-----------------> This is what I've been telling myself everyday up till time to take the test.

    Review what you know.
    Know your norms Lab,bld,etc
    Your ABC's
    The day before the test go shopping and out to eat with friends.
    I passed and so can you!!!!!
  11. by   cleo1104
    I agree augi. There is not one company out there that can claim 100%. IT is impossible and misleading to claim that. I think that everyone should shop around and find a plan or program that suites their needs.THis site seems to shove the Saunders down everyone's throat-- they do not promote other good review books (like the NSNA sponsored review book).

    Also, why can Suzanne promote her plan (when it is against the TOS to promote yourself)and we cannot talk about other NCLEX sites with free study plans and other free stuff.

    My friend Tyler was banned because she tred to tell a few people about a website that offers free study plans for LPNs and RNs. Go figure.......
  12. by   nurse414
    Thanks guys!!!!! It is soooooooooooo wonderful to have others that have gone before and understand what it is like, and others that are going thru the fire right now with me. I can't say enough about how great the support is here. My family thinks I am a shut in (cuz if I'm not at work, I'm in the den with classical music reviewing for the boards- LPN was easy, but I am STRESSSSED over the RN boards. Crazy
    I will continue to write and pray and hope and S T U D Y- Doin Saunders and keeping the faith!