Please help me pass my nclex-rn exam

  1. Hi, I am new to this site. I always check the post of other people sharing their study tips. I took the nclex 2x already when I was 7mos. pregnant and after I gave birth to my second daughter(11mos. now). I am planning to take my nclex-rn the third time and hopefully my last. I am trying to study but having hard time focusing. Can somebody help me this? Sometimes i feel like I have ADD Maybe I have so much things in my mind. One is my husband loosing his job next month and second is wondering where to get money to pay for rent and food. I'm working as a part-time lab- assistant right now and it's not enough for our everyday living. What brings tears to my eyes is when my 6y/o daughter ask me,"mommy can you buy me a toy?" And I would say we don't have money for that. She would then tell me,"ok mommy, can you buy me that when you pass your nclex?" She pray every night for me to pass my nclex. Even my 11 mo.old baby will be turning one next month and we can't even afford to make her a small party. All of this are in my head and I want to use this as my inspiration but I'm just having hard time studying and focusing. I want to pass my nclex for me and my family. Please help.:
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  3. by   smitty10
    ok girl, 1st. take a big deep breath!!!!!
    as for your daughter's 1st bday, if you can make some cupcakes and get a couple of balloons from the dollarstore. (She's not gonna remember this birthday.) so try and remove this added stress on you!!!

    as an part-time employee, you should be entitled to use the EAP ( employee assistance program) check into this service where you work at.

    and if you can,clear your mind and escape to the backyard for 30 min. a day,channel positive energy and tell the lord what you need.

    try and see if you can check out from the library, the Kaplan Nclex strategies book the 2010-2011 edition. they have alot of solutions in there to help you come up with the correct answer.

    hope this helps, stay strong, keep positive thoughts!
    Smitty, G.N.
  4. by   NowPedsRN
    Awww you are going through a lot right now. It maybe hard to focus but even If you try to do 50 questions a day and throughly go through each rationale it will help greatly. Your are right though you are struggling right now that should be your inspiration. Always remember to pray God hears all prays! I have failed the nclex 3 times now and I am planning to take it again for the 4 time soon. I always tell myself if we made through nursing school we can pass he nclex, remember the test wants to know our basic knowledge on a graduate nurse level. I know that you are on a tight income I am as well. I found a couple of books like the kaplan strategies book at the library, so check out your nearest library. I will keep you in my prayers. God bless!
  5. by   caliotter3
    Perhaps you could benefit from a day of relaxation and contemplation. Just plan to go somewhere by yourself for the better part of a day and relax. Think about the positive steps you can take to make things easier for your family. You can do this once you have a clear plan in front of you. Make that plan and include in it relaxation. You need to relax to recharge your batteries. All the worry and fretting in the world won't solve anything, so relax so that you can calmly work at your goals. Good luck.
  6. by   aspiringnurs
    Smitty10,almostpedsnurse and caliotter thank you for hearing and giving me advices about the nclex and on how to manage my time I will definitely consider all your inputs. I wish I can have some of your good vibes and extra courage to face the nclex again. almostpedsNurse, I know you will pass it this time because you are well prepared mentally,emotionally and spiritually.May God bless you all and your families
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  7. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    Make sure hubby files for unemployment if he qualifies. I didn't take the NCLEX-RN but I did take the NCLEX-PN and no joke it was hard. You know this for sure how hard taking your NCLEX is. Focus focus and focus. Keep praying because with God all things are possible. Manifest you will pass your NCLEX. Study everyday. I would say take your time with each question. Prioritize, use your ABCs, and Maslows. Think carefully before you answer your practice questions. Hope this helps and wish baby happy bday for me!!!
  8. by   monurse83
    Remember to always keep your faith and don't give up. You made it through nursing school and you will pass the NCLEX. I know it is much easier said than done but you have to pray about it and leave it in God's hands to get you through these trials and tribulations you are experiencing. You cannot doubt Him. Once you place all of your complete faith within Him, everything else will fall into place. God will not put you through something that you cannot handle. I know that money may be too tight for you right now to purchase NCLEX study guides or to take a study course so I am passing this free website on to you to practice over 3,000 questions at NO cost. It is University of Texas Medical Branch - Nursing. Follow the link and go to "firt time user" and register. They will then send you your passcode to your email address and you can begin right away. Good luck and God bless you.
  9. by   aspiringnurs
    NurseCubanitasRn2b, thank you for the inout. My husband can't file for unemployment because he had an agreement with the employer that he can't file for any claims after he lost his job. He's doing a personal assistant for MR adult and it's like a personal business kinda thing. Thanks for the birthday greeting for my daughter
    Sooon2bRN, thanks for the website!!! It'll be a big help for especially with our family income right now.
  10. by   rianne1c
    Took NCLEX the second time and passed. This is how I prepared the second time around, I make it a point to answer 300 questions in 1 sitting which helped build up my stamina for the real thing. Good thing i did this for when I took the test I get to answer all 265 questions and I wasn't tired at all. I also read in one of the posts here somewhere that eating fish night before the test and snacking on fruits help with the glucose needs of our brains. And don't forget to eat breakfast too. And most of all pray earnestly..... for with God nothing is impossible. Will have you in my prayers too. Good luck and God bless.
  11. by   aspiringnurs
    rianne1c, thank you for your advice and prayers. I will eat a LOT of fish before my exam and fruits if it'll help in my concentration! God bless you!
  12. by   reinAya
    hi aspiringnurs,
    you are not alone. this is my 2nd time to sit for NCLEX too, and yea.. we wish the same.. for this to be our last, definitely pass it!
    relax. as the post says above.. take a deep breath. remember how you treat clients w/ anxiety? listen, or just stay with them quietly. you can't teach them @ first, for they cannot learn things. same as reviewing for nclex, you cannot study and focus, if there are alot of things on your mind.
    contemplate and reflect. what have you done before that made you fail the exam? or rather, what did you not do?
    just to share.. the first time i took NCLEX, i planned evrything. how to start my review, and end it. but nah-- i did not even follow the half of my plan. i bought alot of books, references. but it did not help. i assumed that i would be able to absorb them all. i also took kaplan. i like it coz there were hard questions, and real good strategies. but unfortunately, i did not finish it. i took things, real hard. wake up early to go to the library and spend the whole day there. but all those things, made no fruit. i failed -- u know the feeling i studied so hard but the things coming in my mind were really light? i skipped and jumped, i rescheduled how many times.
    after a month and a half of just resting. i studied again. they say, even if its your 2nd, 3rd or ur 8th exam, STUDY LIKE TIS YOUR FIRST TIME. so i did.
    i finished saunder's comprehensive. (for me, content helps!) even how many times they scramble or turn the question upside down, once you know ur theory.. u know it.
    i have a notebook where i write notes. jus anything -- anything i come across with. maybe it be lab values.. prioritization.. treatments, or formulas.
    right now, i am answering questions online. you can find alot of FREE websites that provides NCLEX-like questions. just google it. some members have posteg it here, just dig in the forum. or @ the library. i found SAUNDER's @ the library.
    i also bought NCLEX RN practice books @ half price bookstore. (i am not endorsing anything).
    the more questions you do, the better.
    we all know NCLEX is more of analyzing, but remember, memorizing is important too! example: what if you know RESPIRATORY ALKALOSIS.ACIDOSIS by heart. but you can't remember ur ABG values?
    and don;t forget to pray. as with your family, they're your inspiration. make some adjustments for managing your time. don't overdo anything. you don't want to be worn out.
    good luck to you!
  13. by   aspiringnurs
    reinAya, thank you for sharing your story on battling with the nclex I'll pray to God that you will pass it. I have two books that I bought that I'm using right now. I'm using mosby's RN notes and also the pharmacology one small but I like it because it's like reading a comic book. I don't know how to focus and stay awake everytime I open a book in the library. Anyone in here forum knows how to solve that problem? And I'm having hard time with pharmacology even sometimes with my drug computations.