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Hello Everyone How are you. I need some help here. Actually I don't know what to do with myself. I have Failed my nursing boards 3times. I want to give the exam 4th time but i dont know what to study... Read More

  1. by   mom2michael
    Kaplan was very good at teaching me how to answer questions even if I had didn't have a clue. Kaplan teaches how how to eliminate wrong answers 1st - then teaches you how to figure out from there the "right" answer. Their whole point is there is NO WAY to come up with the right answer when you have 4 choices staring you down, so the 1st thing you have to do is get rid of what you know is wrong and go from there.

    I used it several times during NS exams as well as on the NCLEX. Their book is $35 or less and to me was great because I could read, re-read, and then read some more. I probably read that book cover to cover 4 times before I tested.