Please Help: A Few Nclex Questions...:(

  1. Hey guys, I am going to take the Nclex next month and I finished taking Kaplan. My Qbank scores were in the 50's.

    I was just wondering, has anyone else taking other methods of studying other than Kaplan. If so, what were your scores?

    For example, I just took a Saunders (4th ed) comprehensive exam using the cd. I took 75 questions and i Scored 70%, wayyy better than on Kaplan. I think i got about 15 wrong out of 75 which is excellent seeing that Nclex is based on how many u got right.

    So if anyone took these Nclex 3500 or 4000 or some other study method, what were your scores?

    Also, for those who took the Nclex before, is it more like Kaplan or Saunders?

    I find Saunders Much, Much easier.

    Thanks again guys!
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  3. by   sbyramRN
    I used Saunders and passed NCLEX the first time with 75 questions. I think the Kaplan review is way more complex/difficult than the NCLEX actually is.
  4. by   Dr. Shelia, RN
    Saunders Comprehensive Review is an excellent review test-- take the test at the end of each chapter. If you make 75% or above (you will have to calculate your score), move on. Study the chapters that you score less than 75% on-- then go back and review the rest.

    Remember-- NCLEX is about basic nursing care-- safety. Don't focus on the "nice to know" or "nuts to know"-- focus on the need to know.

    Kaplan is a great product, no doubt, but I have my students use Saunders and I am well pleased.
  5. by   very TLC nurse
    I am so nervous. I am taking my Nclex in May and I did about 2300 questions from Saunders CD so far but I am still getting about 70% on the quizzes. I also signed up for Kaplan Qbank but just way too hard and making me depress.
  6. by   hair2do1
    I will be taking my nclex for the second time next month in May and I just don't know what to study. I am reallly tired of going on line and being a sucker for all the scams I find myself buying into Then I read all these post about Kaplans, Saunders, Hesi and Suzannes Plan. I mean what is Hesi and Suzannes Plan anyway, can someone explain to me what the difference is and where can I purchase these items?
  7. by   hair2do1
    What is Kaplan Qbank?
  8. by   dobletruble
    Kaplan Qbank is basically an online resource of questions. U have to buy it from Kaplan or take a Kaplan course around 400$ and its included with it.

    So, are you guys saying that 70% on Saunders with 75 questions is a bad score?
  9. by   dobletruble
    VeryTLC Nurse---> u got 70% on the saunders quizes. How many questions did u take to get that score on each quiz?

    By quiz do u mean quiz or a comprehensive test?

    Like each quiz is 10 questions? More Q's? less Q's?
  10. by   very TLC nurse
    Well....everyday ..first I do about 100 questions(study mode) from saunders and after that I do about 3 or 4 sets of 10 questions (quiz mode). I get about 60 to 80% on quizzes. I heard that actual nclex is much harder than Sanunders ....and that worries me.
  11. by   caliotter3
    Don't get too wrapped up with diagnostic test scores. They don't necessarily tell the story of your NCLEX results. Most people recommend using the Saunders Comprehensive Review and to do as many questions as possible. Study the rationales to the questions so that you thoroughly understand the concepts.
  12. by   very TLC nurse
    Thank you Caliotter3!!

    I will stick to Saunders and pass!!
  13. by   hair2do1
    Thanks I needed to hear that about Qbank, I just brought Saunders Comprehensive Review, and I hope and pray this is exactly what I need along with all my other material I've collected over 2 years.
  14. by   alvus47
    I know how you must be feeling. Before I took mine (august 26) I used to ask my friends of what they thought of the exam and read many many blogs trying to find out how I should prepare for Nclex. I took Kaplan and my qbank scores weren't that great either. It was around 50's. I finished the whole kaplan book except the psych section. Studied infection control and focused on some content in Saunders.I found nclex way easier than Kaplan. I have to say if you do Kaplan questions and content, you will find nclex easy. I was stopped at 75, got 5 meds and 2-3 sata and Passed. When my computer shut off at 75, I said to myself they must be kidding me with all these nclex questions. I know my friends got 10-15 meds and a lot of sata. Mine was completely different, I found Nclex very easy. May be I was way preapred than I thought I was (used to cry at night, and even ask my bf if he was going to think I was a loosed if I didnot pass). Belive me it doesnot matterhoe many meds or sata question, it all depends on how well you are answering the question. out of 5 meds I only got one med that I didnot know, but it was very easy to figure out.