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hair2do1 specializes in Med/surg, convalescent.

Currently I work as a cosmetologist by day, and a LPN by night! I know it's weird, but you gotta love it. I have 2 wonderful sons, one 23 and the other 13yrs of age

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  1. hair2do1

    Failed NCLEX - study/answer tips?

    Thank you for that information, I will definitely go on that site and look up this information.
  2. hair2do1

    Failed NCLEX - study/answer tips?

    Hi, I like the kind of questions and rationales that you gave as advice. Is there anyway that you can send me some of those answers and rationales? Question, I'm studying Kaplan 2010, is it true that if you want to do the 1000 Q-Bank you have to purchase it? Please answer back, thanks, Evelyn Pearson
  3. hair2do1

    Nclex second time around. My take on it.

    :yeah:Congrat to you for a doing a great job! You have imspired me to continue my journey of taking my nclex for the 3rd time. The 1st 2 times that I took the NCLEX, mentally I feel I was not fully prepared. I took the Hurst review, and I am now reading Kaplan 2010 Edition. Wish me luck, I take my NCLEX exam Sept 14, and I hope this is enough time to get my mind right. I have bad anxiety, but I feel like I'm ready to get this over with. Any suggestions anyone?:smackingf
  4. Thanks for all the effort and help girl:bow: I need to take the nclex PN exam and I think Kaplan is for RNs only. I will call them or email and find out, then I'll email you back and let you know, but thanks anyways:D
  5. send me your first and last name, along with a cell so that I can get in touch with you. R u a LPN or RN? The review cost $350.00 per person, I will definitely include you in on the review
  6. hair2do1

    NCLEX Takers Support Thread

    I truly understand, just keep the faith and email me back with your passing!
  7. Hi and how are you. I'm glad to hear that you passed, as we all know that is the main goal. I was wondering, is the Hurst and Kaplan Review only for RNs? Bcause I graduated as a LPN, and someone said they think that the Hurst and Kaplan Review is strickly for RNs. Please let me know, thanks.
  8. hair2do1

    hurst review

    Where can I sign up for the kaplan review? Did it really cost $500.00?
  9. hair2do1

    I passed the nclex so can you.....

    Congrats out to you, I also took the test for the 2nd time and failed. I have to take it again at the end of July. Im trying to go thru Hurst Review but they are not coming to Richmond Virginia until August. If I can get 15-20 people they will come! Where did you take your Hurst Review at? Did you do a live or online or DVD? pls let me know, I just have to take this test for the 3rd time and pass!
  10. hair2do1

    NCLEX Takers Support Thread

    I'm sure you will do fine, as for myself, I'll b taken it again at the end of July, I pray that you succeed on you nclex 2more:nurse:
  11. hair2do1

    hurst review

    I just took my boards for the 2nd time and failed. I would like to take the Hurst Review but they won't come to my area until August. They said if I can gather 15-20 people that they will come my way. Any other advice?
  12. Hi everyone, my name is Evelyn and I live in Newport News Virginia. I would like to know if there are any people interested in taking the Hurst Review. I need to gather at least 15 to 20 in order for them to come to me or in Richmond Virginia. I just recently took my nclex PN for the second time, and I desperately want to pass the 3rd time. The Hurst Review people are not scheduled to come to Richmond Virginia until August of 2009, I would like to be licensed by then. So, everyone who is interested, please contact me, thanks Evelyn Pearson
  13. hair2do1

    hurst review

    Hi, I heard that you took the hurst review and that you were getting ready to take your boards. Was it worth it? My name is Evelyn and I just took my boards for the second time and failed. I definitely need to take the review, please respond back
  14. hair2do1

    hurst review

    Hi my name is Evelyn and I just took my nclex for the second time and failed:cry: I heard about the hurst review and emailed to see when they would be in Richmond Virginia. They won't be able to come until August of this year, but they said if I can gather 15-20 people interested in taking the review that they would come. So if you or anyone else is interested in taking the review I live in Newport News Virginia. I need to pass this ASAP!
  15. hair2do1


    Hi, and I also attended Riverside Nursing program, I graduated in Dec' 08. As for myself I am working in a nursing home facility by choice. I make good money and I am very satisfied here. I took my boards in March, but missed it by 2 points, I plan on retaking it in early May! From what I've heard, Riverside Hospital only starts out with about $12/hr, and most nursing homes start anywhere from $15-20/hr, so whatever float your boat. You have to go where you can make a difference and be happy, good luck! Also I went to the night and weekend program, it was the bomb!!!
  16. I retake mine in may (hopefully), it's really hard out there, buying, buying and more buying! Try not to feel you need everything out there, b/c that's where I went wrong. Everytime I heard of something else to read, I brought it, and the problem was, I had too much to read with little time. I started reading Saunders Comprehensive and so far, I really like it. It breaks down everything in language you can understand

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