Please help!!!

  1. I have been studying all content but am terrified because I know I can't memorize every single med in the Kaplan book..can any1 please tell me how you studied for meds? Do you know any good websites or tricks, ideas you can share with me?? I would really appreciate it!!!
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  3. by   Ella26
    There is no possible way to study all the meds. I already had a good foundation in pharm (from being an LPN) so I did not study meds at all. I would say just know the most common med classes like: beta blockers, antibiotics, analgesics, and so on and their common side effects and what is the most important thing you would teach your patient about the med, and when giving or preparing what you need to know. Honestly do not get stressed about knowing all the meds. I only got asked about 5 med quetions on NCLEX-RN and they were ones I was very familiar with. However, I did get asked a few med questions on NCLEX-PN that I had never heard of and all you can do at that point is try to take your best guess, because again there are so many meds they can ask about.
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  4. by   nurseinnyc&nj
    I just took the NCLEX-RN this Thursday and passed with 75 Questions. I had about 3-4 meds...2 of them, I had no idea what they are..I haven't seen them or heard of them so I just guessed lol I watched Kaplan pharm lecture videos while reading/taking notes on the book about 3 times....definitely helped me to memorize most common meds but wasn't really helpful on my actual exam lol oh well, at least I tried to prepare. I would say watch those Kaplan videos and study them. The videos are really good!! And I actually learned alot about meds through doing lots of questions and reading rationales. Good luck!!!
  5. by   Bella2917
    Sigh of relief!! My friend made 4 index card books of all the meds in the Kaplan course book. And she was able to memorize all of it. I finished the first 1 but I know I won't be able to do the's so time consuming. I haven't gotten around to watch the med video yet..I will def get to it later today! Thank you guys for the advice!
  6. by   Bella2917
    Ohh and Congrats to both of you!! Can't wait for my turn! I pray mine stops at 75 questions!!
  7. by   Ella26
    Good luck you can do it!
  8. by   St_Claire
    I didn't bother studying meds because everyone I knew that took the test before me said they had only one or two questions. I ended up with two questions, both for drugs I had never heard of (I was also an LPN).
  9. by   Bella2917
    Really?? Ok now I feel a lot better..I'll just go over the classes and the Kaplan video on meds! Thanx