Planning to apply nclex in 2 states.. Pls help

  1. Hi need your advice..
    Is it possible to Apply nclex exam in 2 states? Example I still have my exam in new york and then I'm also planning to submit the requirements for nclex exam in connecticut.. Pls help
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Why? Usually better to apply to state you plan on living and working in.
  4. by   RainMom
    You only need to pass NCLEX once & then you can apply for licensure in any state. It doesn't matter where you take the test.

    If you are wanting to work in Connecticut, take the test you already have scheduled, pass, and then send results & application for license to Connecticut.
  5. by   Guy in Babyland
    No, you can not apply for a "licensure by exam" in two states. Apply to one state and when you pass NCLEX and get a licence, apply to the second state by "licensure by endorsement".