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  1. by   erinrp
    Quote from ZPhiB_Nurse
    NCSBN NCLEX Study website is
    Good luck on your re-take.
    This NCSBN site...Is this free? I am willing to pay if it is worth it.
  2. by   erinrp
    Quote from erinrp
    This NCSBN site...Is this free? I am willing to pay if it is worth it.
    Quote from adengelRN
    It is an online review through the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. Here is the website:

    NCSBN Learning Extension . NCLEX preparation . Continuing Education for Nurses . Nursing Faculty Education
    ok im on the site this the review that u can chose from 3,5,8, or 15 weeks course??? any recommendations on how long I should register for..I paid for my new test already today so i figure i have at the very least 45-50 days before i can re test..but i do not want to do a 3 week review and then not have it available up to my test date...hmmm
  3. by   Dgessi
    here what were my steps since i found out about the pvt. name was on the wa state website my rn license no. since i have got my att .
    2. i took the test after 1 month preparation on 07/26 @ 0800 shut out @ 75. i felt hard about the test and convinced myself to retake it.
    3. this morning while i was searching about nclex-rn results i found out about pvt. i tried it and gave me a good "pop up". my pearsonvue account was still says the result was not in yet.
    4. after my 46.5 hrs waiting, i found out that "i passed" from the quick results. i think the pvt is 99% predictor. however, for bon, some of my friends who are not taking the test are already assigned the number by the bon.

    good luck for those of who are waiting and who will retake. keep the optimism up.
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  4. by   wecandothis
    After 6 long weeks of waiting I found out today that I PASSED!! YAY!!! PVT worked for me and so far for everyone in my class!
  5. by   rnstudentfromky
    I am also doing the NCLEX 4000. I ordered the CD ROM from Amazon. I just got it a few days ago. So far in the last 2 weeks I have done almost 4000 practice questions. I thought that some of the questions on the NCLEX 4000 were too easy and I was just wondering if anyone else thought the same thing. The questions are very helpful though.
  6. by   LVCNURSE
    Quote from smahmo2
    does any body know whether pvt really works? i went to the cc page and didn't get the pop up and had only about 75 questions.. i do see my name on the g bon but my license status is pending.. what does it mean? please some body let me know.. i am freaking out, i didn't find the test too hard and didn't find it easy either it seemed reasonable with a lot of priortiy questions which i had expected.... i'm thinking that i probably failed since pvt works for 99%...(
    it really works. if you didn't pass this time, you will next time! don't let it bring you down!
  7. by   glh2010
    [quote=wannabeanurse!;4378671]Let me start by saying that I am totally loosing my mind!! I took the NCLEX RN Yesterday, June 23rd and left the exam feeling totally deflated like I had just been through a war. I had 75 Q's and wasn't confident in even one of my answers. I had a ton of SATA, no math, a lot of meds and prioritization. I've been getting a "good pop-up" on the PV trick thing and that is what is keeping me going (sad to say). I actually went as far as to call the BON today to see if they knew anything (thinking they would have a pass/fail in their records before it hit their site or Pearson's site). All they could tell me was that a license had not been issued at this time. AHHHHH!! Does that mean I failed? I have been a good/great student as far as grades and I did the kaplan course ect...

    Your thoughts?....Hey Wannabeanurse...Did u get your results?...I can relate to exactly how u felt!!..Ugh..I'm in agony over here..I took my test this morning (7/28)...and I'm getting the "good pop-up"..but I don't know!!
  8. by   LVCNURSE
    Quote from sweetnlow4
    Yes me the good pop up but when I got home I realized that I was not right about questions and now I am sick at my stomach!!
    The good pop up= pass!!! Congratulations!
  9. by   glh2010
    I took my exam this morning and I am in AGONY over here!!..I am receiving the "good pop-up" but it's still not calming my nerves!!!..I had so many SATA's and DRUGS that I thought was going to have an anxiety attack!!..This is going to be the longest 48 hours of my life!!..UGH!!..

    Does anyone know of an individual who received the "good pop-up" but didn't pass???
  10. by   slrberry
    I took my test NCLEX PN on July 9 (19 days ago) in CA. I was expecting my results to take 6-8 weeks, but I got them TODAY!

    The PV 'trick' worked for me and I never doubted that it would!
  11. by   OCUnurse
    Just tried the PVT...and I passed with 118 Questions!!! I totally freaked once I got more than 75, but living proof people pass after 75.

    I am so excited!!! Just got back from drinks/a night a David and Busters arcade/restaurant.
  12. by   Joab408
    Quote from wecandothis
    After 6 long weeks of waiting I found out today that I PASSED!! YAY!!! PVT worked for me and so far for everyone in my class!

    hi wecandothis, did you take the nclex-pn in CA? I took mine on June 30th, and have been waiting for exactly 4 weeks as of today. I hope i get mine soon. i heard people posting that the PVT trick does not work in CA because our state does not have quick results. BUT CONGRATS TO YOU!!!!
  13. by   JenJen82084
    I must post in the hopes that I can help allay some degree of anxiety for those who took the NCLEX and waiting to hear their results. I took the exam last Saturday in CA. I got about 10 SATA questions, along with A LOT of questions that I thought were from left field (to me, these questions were NOT representative of what a nurse needs to know) ... I got cut off at 75 questions after a little over an hour and basically assumed that I failed. I did not feel confident at all after the test - in fact, afterwards I sat out in my car and practically convinced my boyfriend that I failed. I wanted to cry.

    I heard about this trick through a friend and rushed home to test it for myself. I think I was more nervous to test the trick than to take the NCLEX itself. I ended up getting the "good pop up" and started reading this thread for any reason to doubt the trick, but I didn't find any. I obsessively checked the BRN site for my name to appear, and it finally appeared early Tuesday morning! So this trick DEFINITELY works. I know you won't be truly relieved until you get your official results, but just be patient and know that if you got the good pop-up and can't re-register for the test, then you've passed!!!!!