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  1. by   wwjd7644
    took my yesterday and yes still very nervous, in SC and getting the good pop up, it better be full proof i cannot take waiting these 48 hrs you should get your results today though correct?
  2. by   1mommy03
    Yes I did get my results today and I am happy to say I PASSED!!!!!! :heartbeat
  3. by   RNS5
    The PVT worked! I was getting the good pop up and just found out that I passed! dance:
  4. by   hpfulRN-NJ
    COngrats!!! what great news..
  5. by   sarahluckyky
    Took my NCLEX-RN on Monday. I had 75 questions and finished in 9, yes 9, minutes. It was easier than I had anticipated. As soon as I got home (3 hours later) I checked Pearson Vue and I had the good pop up. I checked it several more times that night and everytime I had the good pop up. Woke up at 8 am yesterday morning, my BON opens at 830 am and I kept checking the site to see if it was up yet. 8:40 am, tried to verify my name and sure enough it said that I was an RN with an active license!!! YAYAYYYY!! I really didn't think the trick was reliable, but it really really is!!
  6. by   Monkey123009
    So I just spoke to one of my classmates. He took his NCLEX sometime last month. He said he had gotten to the CC page, and totally though he failed. Sure enough, he PASSED! This "trick" may have some accuracy to it, but im not sure if people should totally get their hopes up or down! just my thoughts...........
  7. by   RNS5
    Quote from hpfulRN-NJ
    COngrats!!! what great news..
    Thank you!
  8. by   MAegan87
    Well the trick worked !!!!!! Im a RN
  9. by   HeatherC489
    Ok, so maybe someone asked this already and I missed it. I took the NCLEX-PN test this morning. The test shut off with the minimum 85 questions. I just did the Pearson Vue trick and got the "good" pop-up. How accurate is this trick? I just am a bit afraid to get my hopes up!
  10. by   MAegan87
    I didnt believe it till today!!!!!! but its true!!!!!!!!! Good Luck
  11. by   HeatherC489
    Thanks MAegan87! My fingers are crossed that I'll see my license # on the BON tomorrow!!
  12. by   betani1999
    I took the NCLEX-PN exam today. I had prepared for the exam for three weeks, just to get the shock of my life. The exam had too many meds more than i expected. i cried the whole way home. My friend talked to me about the PVT. I tried it and i got the "good pop".(it relieved my anxiety big time) As per the reviews i have read, i am praying and hoping that i passed.
  13. by   ohioSICUrn
    got good pop up! yaay it works!