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  1. by   rich95
    Just took the NCLEX-PN today (8/6). 85 questions in 55 minutes (I've always been a super fast test taker). Just got the good pop-up, so I hope to see my license number on the BON soon. Knowing for sure would make it a lot easier to sit through my RN classes and be able to think about something other than whether I passed or not! The PV trick was available when I got home 30 min after the test.
  2. by   roller coaster ride
    well I hope you passed! keep me posted!
  3. by   mikobaby
    hi there guys. took the exam for rn yesterday. this morning I tried the pvtrick. and I have a good pop up. is it real???? I want to tell my mom and my relatives now. But im not sure if this pop up is 100% sure. please help
  4. by   WyomingClimberRN
    Congrats, Rich!! Now you can proceed with confidence for taking your RN boards!!
  5. by   mikobaby
    please help me. I got a good pop up. can I consider it now that I pass?
  6. by   LIG RN
    I got a good pop up, 48 hours later pearson confirmed it with a pass-----------
  7. by   WyomingClimberRN
    You passed, tell your family and celebrate!! I wish I would have celebrated instead of waiting for the 48 hour reply!! Great job, doesn't it feel good!!!
  8. by   mikobaby
    i want to celebrate it now,but I cant . , nurses here can you help me still confused...
  9. by   WyomingClimberRN
    If you got the good pop-up.... you passed!!!
  10. by   mikobaby
    Quote from WyomingClimberRN
    If you got the good pop-up.... you passed!!!
    Thank you so much, what a relief. my mom is waiting for my call now. and I hope she can come here soon , since she is in the Philippines, and its been 2 yrs that I did not see her, this time I can go home and hug her, this is what Ive been waiting for. Its my second time to take the xam.coz my goal. I will not go home not until I pass it. so I hope this is it. to see her and my brothers. I missed them so much, thank you guysssss .. sniff.. sniff
  11. by   WyomingClimberRN
    Congrats!! Job well done, I am so happy for you!!!
  12. by   mikobaby
    Quote from WyomingClimberRN
    Congrats!! Job well done, I am so happy for you!!!
    thank you. it was really a tough one after I took the exam. I threw up in the car!
  13. by   bluprint1982
    Ok, does Pearson ever make mistakes with the scores? I orginally took the NCLEX in June and failed after 247 questions. After failing I did a lot of studying, used Kaplan and Mosby and felt really good going into my retake on 08/05. For the retake, I was done after 75 questions in 59 minutes. I seemed to have a lot of SATA questions and felt really confident about the questions I answered. When I looked at my unofficial score today, it said I failed... I don't understand what I could have done wrong. I'm hoping that maybe it's a mistake on their part and will be fixed soon. The only other reason I can think of is maybe they thought I cheated because my first test was 247 questions and I failed, but this test was only 75 questions? Pretty stressed here and my eyes are hurting from crying so much already.