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  1. by   MombearNurse
    I feel so terrible right now for a friend. I passed the NCLEX earlier this month and I've been trying to be supportive of all my classmates who have yet to take it. My friend took it this morning and left feeling like she failed. I assured her that most people feel that way and that she should do the PVT for a little reassurance since she was a "basket case". Now English is not her primary language so I helped her do the PVT while speaking to her on the phone. I couldn't believe it when she told me it was saying something about verifying payment on the next page! This is a really smart lady but she said she felt like the NCLEX content was totally different from Kaplan, which is what she studied. I don't know how to help her through this. She has a job which of course she will have to give up at least temporarily once the BON expires her interim permit. The only good thing about that is she will have more time to study.
  2. by   stressinggirl
    collie32, that is awful. We had the sweetest male nurse in our class who had to take the year twice because he was an immigrant from Cambodia and struggled with the medical terms. He never graduated :/

    My condolences out to your friend, I can't imagine how hard it is for her. Nursing is tough enough without trying to do it in a language you are not completely familair with.
  3. by   stressinggirl
    Did I say too much about what I was tested on? Do I need to delete that stuff? Now I am paranoid. Really... did I give too much info? I tried to stay away from specifics.
  4. by   MombearNurse
    Thank you stressinggirl. During nursing school I remember her saying she barely got 4 hrs sleep per night because she stayed up late studying and then got up a couple hours before class to study some more. She even had to learn how to read cursive handwriting when she was taking pre-reqs! She passed with a ADN in May and failing anything is very hard on her. She has a supportive husband but they do need for her to work as soon as possible since she didn't work during school. I know she will do it and I will just try to continue to be as supportive as I can.
  5. by   MombearNurse
    Quote from stressinggirl
    Did I say too much about what I was tested on? Do I need to delete that stuff? Now I am paranoid. Really... did I give too much info? I tried to stay away from specifics.
    I don't think you did. I've seen much more explicit information on this site. Don't worry.
  6. by   stressinggirl
    Ty. I am paranoid lol.

    The thing about not sharing info is so vague to me. I understand not sharing specific questions and answers with people but is it okay if we talk generally about what we were tested on? I just hope I don't put myself in trouble.

    Your friend sounds sweet. The cambodian man in our class could barely speak english but he tried hard and studied for hours every night. He didn't pass nursing school. All of his patients in clinicals absolutely adored him. He cared about every one of them and tried so hard. The language barrier was just so difficult. Your friend got that far to pass nursing school and that is no easy task. She has to just keep looking forward. It can happen.
  7. by   shelbias
    Quote from Luvvs2laugh
    YOU AND ME BOTH!! did you get all 265?
    Sorry for the super late response. I got 75 q's.
  8. by   leo82
    Ok I took my NCLEX yesterday. It cut me off at either 125 or 126. I was so nervous and wasn't paying attn. I did the trick and at first it was telling me " the candidate currently has an open registration for this exam. An new registration cannot be created at this time". I then checked hours later and I got the pop up that says" our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam Please contact your member board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time" Sooooo. What does this mean?? Did I pass or fail?
  9. by   doublepike
  10. by   Jenni811
    Pass. but i'd pay the money to double check to be on the safe side

    but thats the good sign you want.
  11. by   Mia_2011
  12. by   Telelizard
    You passed!!! Wait 72 hours and then check the BON website- your name should be on it as an RN
  13. by   xtxrn
    OMG..... 125 questions is passing (congrats to OP for sure, but...) ?????

    What happened to 4 sections of tests (approx 1000 questions total) over 2 days (I know they've been computerized for ages, but thought more questions were required).

    I'm going to pass out now......( hear loud thud.....)

    I think it's kind of sad that they turn folks loose with 125 questions and expect them to be ready to roll.... that just sounds really unfair