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  1. by   mmiller371
    From what I have heard, that is the good pop-up! Congratulations I have also been using Hurst and I test tomorrow. I am very anxious. Did you study anything else besides Hurst? How were your Hurst practice scores? Also, did you have many meds? Sorry about asking so many questions! Again, congratulations!!!
  2. by   oztizz184
    how long did you study for can i ask?

    and meds on it?

    and math on it?
  3. by   bumblebee2010
    hello, Mmiller 371

    I did the online version of hurst,,but i definetly have left the test today thinkign *** was that.. lol there were quite a few random topics...just out of the blue...

    and also..lots of maybe 20/115< i think i had around 115...the computer shut off so abruptly...

    I FOCUSED on hurst.....only...i did like nclex question of the day..(just google it and there is a question by "widget".)

    My nursing GPA is a 3.5, and my practice scores for hurst were consistently at 73.... yea..I thought I could do better..but thats the best I could score!

    Not many meds....I didn't study meds that much truthfully..just the basics ace inhibitors...and all..but they had some specific questions ...about some meds...

    But I havn't got my offcial pass until then im still shaky !

    oztizz: I studied for 2 weeks like a zombie...hurst review only. meds..not many..but they were really specific..

    MAth oNLY ONE DOSAGE CALC..follow the basic dosage calc rules..i dont think thats too much to worry

    I will let ya'll know when i officially pass I am kinda getting my hopes up from this whole "pop up thing" lol
  4. by   caliotter3
    Good luck.
  5. by   caliotter3
    Good luck with your official results.
  6. by   gcat626_RN
    Congrats on getting the good pop up! Do you feel like hurst covered what you need to know for the exam? I am using hurst as well
  7. by   bumblebee2010
    Hurst helped, but I felt there were a lot of just random topics!!

    I skimmed peds, and ob and there werent many on there!!!

    Any other qs?
  8. by   bliss09
    Hey I took mine 5 hours ago. I'm from California and I got the good pop up.
  9. by   bumblebee2010
    I used hurst review online version!!

    Bliss09 plz let me know wen u get ur official results! Ive been chekin mine and not available yet

    I took mine at 8am today! Ill let u know wen I see mine
  10. by   bliss09
    I also did the hurst review online. For practice question I used Kaplan, Exam Cram and La Charity. I studied for 3 weeks. Sure i'll let you know! I cant wait!!
  11. by   mzoptimistic
    Quote from bliss09
    I also did the hurst review online. For practice question I used Kaplan, Exam Cram and La Charity. I studied for 3 weeks. Sure i'll let you know! I cant wait!!
    how was your exam? did the kaplan really help you out? did you try also the question trainers? How was your scores? CONGRATS!!!!
  12. by   cliffordortiz
    Im extremely anxious !!!
    Got the good pop up but
    i feel that i didnt do well
    im a foreign educated male nurse from britain
    and i tried to access pearson vue and got the good pop up
    but then again im still worried coz my test stopped at
    around 115 or 118
    any idea ? Just to lift my moral
    thanks a lot ! xxx
    i pray that i passed this tough test !!!
  13. by   cliffordortiz
    Took the test last june 7 and waiting for my envelope
    got the good pop up but im extremely worried
    coz my computer stopped at around 115-118 !
    Tried calling california board of nursing but unable to get to the right department any idea whats the number to call ?
    i tried the main number for cali bon but its pretty odd