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  1. by   Sejune
    I took the NCLEX RN, 75 questions, 75 minutes on June 5, 2011...Tried the PVT about 20 minutes after the test, and later the same afternoon and got the good pop up! I got my results June 7, 2011 and they confirmed that I passed! I should have my license number in the next few days! I am officially a nurse! to get a job
  2. by   jiggerp1
    I took the exam here in Utah on June 7th around 2 P.M. Came right home which took about an hour from the testing center and got the good pop up. I of course didn't believe it because when I left I knew I had failed. But by 11 P.M. on June 8th my License was on the DOPL website as active. So glad I passed! BTW it shut off at 85 questions NCLEX-PN
  3. by   Always-HI
    I took my exam this morning and got this message just now. It worked when I took my LPN boards and I'm praying it's the same case this time. Especially since I almost had a nervous breakdown on question 76.
  4. by   8mpg
    My computer crashed twice during the test I really dont think I passed
  5. by   makenzie33
    I took my test on June 6th, as well as a few of my other friends did. Ever since I took the test I have been getting the good pop up. The delivery says successful. I looked on the BON website, and my other two friends were on it, but mine are not........Pretty much has a minor stroke.. I already have a job and I can't not pass. I called the BON and apparently they had my transcripts, but forgot to put them into the system...I have to wait now, but am TERRIFIED that in the end I will still fail. As of right now I am numb to the core. Pray for me please.
  6. by   wannabrnkk
    I just got home from the NCLEX and tried the Pearson trick but it says that I currently have an open registration!! How long do I wait, and do I have to wait long??????
  7. by   Jaypatel

    I just gave my Nclex-rn 11am in california, exam ended on 75 questns...I'm confused...
    I was done by home n tried the Pearson trick within 2-3 hrs..but it goes to payment option...
    I read all the polls n come to know that should wait little more hrs..
    Let's see what happens...!!
    Will let you guys know...hopefully good...
  8. by   Backpackernurse
    Just thought I'd add my two cents to the post. I took the test in WA state yesterday at 2pm (6/8). I got the good pop-up a few hours after I got home. I "knew" I failed. I had about 175 questions and it took me about 3 1/2 hours and the last question was ridiculously easy and I missed it, so I was positive I failed and was already making a study plan to take it again. I had full intentions of getting on this thread and telling you all that the PVT doesn't work because i failed with the good pop-up. Then this morning, less than 24 hours after I started the exam I found out I passed on the WA state dept of health website. The pearson vue website still says that my results aren't available lol. But the BON said its official! It listed my license as "active"!!! I couldn't believe it! I had already told my family I failed it lol. I am a true believer in the PVT! I'm sure I passed by fractions of points lol. But it doesn't matter, I'm an RN!!!! I just can't believe how fast my results went through the BON. I'm a happy girl!
  9. by   mrquin
    It worked for me!!!! Did my quick results today and I PASSED!!!!
  10. by   Amy3901
    I had a friend who checked hers 2.5 hours after and it worked. Good luck!!!
  11. by   lcswifey
    Once it says "delivery successful" u can do it...usually about two or more hrs...
  12. by   makenzie33
    So HAPPY FOR YOU hard work pays off! Be proud of yourself.:redpinkhe
  13. by   rknserrano
    Hey everyone i took the pn on 06/01 in ca, did the PVT GOOD POP UP, 1 week later got the results & I PASSED! pvt really works miracles! I onky waited 1 week! Thank u St. Joseph of Cupertino & God almighty!!!!