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  1. by   Melpomene
    Hi everyone, I'm a first time poster, LONG time reader!
    You guys have gotten me threw so many things in RN school and Board that you wouldn't believe!
    I would just like to comment on this thread and say I took my nursing board on April 14th, I had 75 questions (Which does NOT indicate pass or fail, LOL I am sure you all knew that though!) and was CONVINCED I had failed! I got probabbly upward of 6 or 7 SATA's and thought for sure I had messed up on them. I had a few knowledge questions but primarily it was PRIORITY and one of two delegating. The night before the test, I was SLAMMING myself with lab values, hyper's and hypo's and insulin times. Thinking FOR SURE they would be on board. They weren't. That dosn't mean they won't be for other people but they were NOT for me (1. on DM and 1. on K+). I was so nervous, I can barely remeber any of the questions aside that they were priority FOR ME primarily (I don't want to give the wrong impression, you should try to review a little of everything, because EVERYONES board is different).
    Toward the end, I kept getting simple questions. Assessment and very simple and easy questions and I KNOW I missed one of them. I thought "Great, you can't even answer assessment? There is NO WAY you passed". I had a friend drive with me, she'll be taking her board for the first time on May 3rd. I negelected to mention, this is my SECOND time taking board, the first time I had 191 questions and FAILED. So I knew what I was getting into to an extent and when the tests kept giving me easy questions? I completely paniced. I thought for sure that I was below level of passing. I kept thinking "They are probabbly wondering how I even made it through nursing school!"
    So at the end of the test? I hung my head and my friend and I drove home. I talked to my mom who is an RN and she kept assuring me that I would be alright, the father of my child/boyfriend (I'm pregnant) kept saying "Well, either you REALLY did well, or REALLY did bad." I was absoloutly sick to my stomach. I couldn't think, I couldn't concentrate. I couldn't even do anything. So I waited a bit, I then remebered hearing about this 'trick' and though "You know? What is there to loose?" So I tried it.
    I did the questionaire and low and behold...The GOOD pop up. I couldn't beleive it and convinced myself it HAD to be wrong, that I was in the small percent that that pop up meant nothing. I did not call pearson vue, as I was to nervous to hear the answer.
    So today, when I woke up. I checked the pearson vue site again. It said my results weren't available yet. So I just decided to wait. My mom however told me to keep checking the Ohio board of nursing Verfication site. So we did. At about 3:45 today, I check the Verification website and my name appeared WITH a LISENCE NUMBER!!!!!! It had dates that the liscence was good threw, it had an RN.-insert number sequence here- at the begining bracket, My status however say "APPROVED" not "ACTIVE" so I called the Ohio board of nursing.
    The women on the phone said that approved meant they had not printed and sent my results to me yet. I asked "Does that mean I passed?" she said "You don't know?" I said "No." She then said "If you have a lisence number? You passed" I squeled like a 10 year old and hung up!
    I check the verification site again later and my Lisence now says ACTIVE. The endorsement says Examination but it says ACTIVE!!!!! I PASSED NURSING BOARD!!! I'M A REGISTERED NURSE!!
    So in short (LOL) the trick DOES work!!! It worked for me at least, as long as it says your results have been successfully delivered? It WORKS!!!!!! Beleive in it!!!
    For all those who did not pass first time? Don't get beat down. I did, and it took me almost a year to build myself back up. Don't be affraid just know what you know and use your COMMON SENSE!! Good luck all, and to all the new RN I am not only proud to be amongst your ranks, I wish you all the best!!!:heartbeat
  2. by   PnayNurz
    Just took mine this morning and it stopped at 75Qs. Checked PVT and got a good pop up! I'll post the outcome in a couple of days.
  3. by   ellynmer24
    pls help.. i tried the pvt,and they allowed me to pay 200$ again, i know i didnt pass the can i refund the 200..bcoz the reapply fee is only 150...pls guys hepl me
  4. by   mrs_whitney
    reaaply fee is only $150 payable to bon but you still have to pay pearsonvue another $200 everytime yuo take the test..
  5. by   ellynmer24
    tnks mrs whitney for d reply...
    you mean i need to pay a total of 350 for d reapply/repeat examination? i thought is 150 only
  6. by   mrs_whitney
    this is how it works, you pay $150 for reapplication payable to BON, then when BON approves your application, they will give you ATT in two weeks or so.. then you schedule your Test at pearsonvue by paying another $200. you may wait for the result before paying though.. did you really pay? or it just went through cc page, you could just cancel it.
  7. by   MsHelloKitty,LVN
    PVT works...!!!!! I got the good pop-up 4 weeks ago yesterday and I got my results yesterday and I PASSED!!! I'm a nurse..!
  8. by   jazibellaera
    PVT works!!!! I got my results today and found out that I passed! If you get the good pop up it's a good thing!!!
  9. by   astroboyRN
    It works. It worked for me. Took the test last Wednesday, 4/13. Tried PVT and got the good pop up. I didn't want to believe it until I see my name online. I checked the site this morning and saw my name. I'm a Registered Nurse now. Took an early flight to NY and I'm here to celebrate before I get tied up with work. Good luck guys!
  10. by   Shiela Lowman
    Quote from ellynmer24
    pls help.. i tried the pvt,and they allowed me to pay 200$ again, i know i didnt pass the can i refund the 200..bcoz the reapply fee is only 150...pls guys hepl me

    We are same, I didnt pass the exam, But i haven't receive the mail yet. But i assume that i am already FAILED if this PVT is true. All i know if your ATT is not yet expired you can pay only 150$. I am not sure..

    congrats to all who passed there NCLEX , I will try again for the 2nd time, and i hope i can pass too..

    good luck..
  11. by   niskagirl
    Hi, I am new commentng on all nurses, but have been reading all year during school. I wanted to let you all know I took my PN-NCLEX friday 4/15, did the PVT an hour after I took the test, got the good pop-up, and today I checked quick results from pearson and I passed! PVT trick also worked for my friend who took her test the same day as I did. Good luck everyone!!
  12. by   julieinny125
    @ ellynmer24

    I am under the impression if you fail you only pay personvue the $200 to retake the exam.
    I took the exam 2x and the second time around I only paid pearson $200 and after 45 days I received another ATT.
  13. by   Silverdragon102
    Remember some states will charge a small fee to allow you to resit and some don't charge at all, Everyone has to pay Pearsonvue to resit the exam