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  1. by   ynotony1966
    make sure you test status is delivered
    ive read that that just means the bon is randomly auditing so hang on
  2. by   Steph26
    Dahana that's the same thing that happened to me . I did mine on Monday and mine stopped at 100 and I tried the peasonvue trick and I got the good popup but when I looked it up at the Board of Nursing it says license pending, yeah I'm scared too. I hope this trick works, right now not sure.

  3. by   ynotony1966
    did you get the pop up and did your test status say delivered?
  4. by   greattobeRN
    what state are you guys in? i am in NY and the license # will not be posted for a while, but i am counting hours to check my quick result with good pop ups..:heartbeat
  5. by   tnwdaniels
    I took the NCLEX-PN on yesterday at 8 am. I was stunned by the questions. There were meds that I had never heard of. With eight solid weeks of study, I feel that it still didn't do any good. My computer shut off at 85. When I got home, I remembered reading about the PVT previously- so I did it. I got the "good" pop up. I have checked repeatedly since yesterday and I am still getting the same pop up. One of my classmates took the test yesterday too. Her computer also shut off at 85 and she got the "good" pop up as well. Even though there are numerous stories about PVT working, there is still that little voice of doubt in the back of my head. I don't think I can cope with failure. I can't imagine having to sit for that test again. Waiting is agony . I'm in GA so I can get quick results tomorrow. I'm just sitting here stressing & counting the minutes until I know for certain if I really passed. My family doesn't truly understand how stressful this is. Passing or failing this test determines when or if I can start my career as a nurse. I will be so happy if I can report on tomorrow that I am a nurse. Well, I guess it's back to watching the clock :grn:
  6. by   mitchay08
    omg last night i checked it says on hold.. now on the cc.. im so sad .. before i take the exam theres a lot of things happened to me. that was my third time i went to the testing center get there early then they didnt let me in bec of invalid id that i had but i used to have it when the first time and second time i took. what they want was my passport. it will took a couple of hours to get my passport so i called my husband and get it for me. while im waiting i talk to lady at testing center and calling pearsonvue, i was telling that i had the same id when my 1st and second. and they keep on saying its not valid and they cant let me in. omg that was my last chance bec im from florida if you failed 3 times thats it ,you have to pay more than a thousand dollars for the refresher course to to retake again. and so my so upset and still waiting at the testing center. then my husband get back and had my passport , 1 hour late to my appointment. and they didnt want me to take the exam..then called the pearson vue if i still have a chance to reseched the guys said no if they didint let me in means no show.still talking to those people in testing center and a guy took over i explain to him that this not my fault i thought the id i got wass valid bec this not my first time to take the exam. so im morethan 1 1/2 hours late on my appointment and they got no time bec the test will take 6hours the maxium time.i said what ever happen to my test thats fine instead of no show wasting the last the guy let me in he the supervisor and they said igot chance until the closing time. got 4hours to finish the test.. i was so upset 265 question, i feel like i do'nt know nothing bec a lot of question and im in a hurry to finished the test. as i got back home i checked the pvt trick it says successfully delivered,then try to register it says its on hold. now this morning its on the cc is it means failed.. im so stressed right now
    i really wanna pass..
  7. by   greattobeRN
    Oh i am really sorry to hear your story. How long it will take you to take this refresh course? If you wouldn't show up, maybe it wont count against you. I hope you passed, just wait for the result. I am still waiting mine since Monday, even i got 'good' pop up, i am still nervous. Good luck to you mitchay08
  8. by   greattobeRN
    What ID did you have with you that they didn't take it mitchay08?
  9. by   mitchay08
    i got the green card which they accepted two times.. goodluck to you hope u pass me im not hoping anymore.the refresher course might take a month. if im going to the class to retake again thats gonna be alot of money. 1300 for the class pvt 200 ,reapplication 120 so a lot of money. i was thinking if im going to take in another state .re apply to another state. im from foriegn school so all the paper works i have to get it so might take a while. and i have no idea how much money im going to spend again.
  10. by   mitchay08
    help me what im going to do next..
  11. by   greattobeRN
    after the refresher course, how many times can you take- one, two, three?
  12. by   greattobeRN
    I think you should stick with this state where you right now. I believe that NY state in order to evaluate your foreign diploma will take a year, they checking it twice now, so you are going to forget everything you studied before.
  13. by   mitchay08
    three time again..