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Hello all! Those of you who are about to take your NCLEX or just finished and want to try the PEARSON VUE TRICK, jusy don't and wait that 48 hours for quick results or how ever long your state... Read More

  1. by   meanmaryjean
    Quote from elle013
    Okay ���������������� � but like I said in my original post, Mun friends used FAKE credit cards and they got the GOOD POP UP. Or do you not know how to read...?
    You really should consider how posts like this come off as a new member. Rude and dismissive will not get you anywhere in life. Please do not take this attitude into your first nursing job. You will regret it.
  2. by   KrCmommy522
    Wow...OP got nasty real quick! Honestly, every post I've ever read on here about the PVT - and there have been MANY...WAAAAY TOO MANY!! Like meanmaryjean said, I could do without ever seeing another post about PVT - Does it work? I got the good pop up, does that mean I passed? I got the bad pop up, does that mean I failed? ETC. ETC. How the heck would any of us know if it means if you passed or failed? We weren't there. We didn't grade your exam. We have no idea! It works sometimes, other times it doesn't. But what I have never understood, is people who have said they used a different expiration date or a fake credit card number - I don't understand how that could work at all? I would assume it would come back as an invalid credit card. No good or bad pop up, just that you used an invalid credit card. In other posts people are always saying that PVT has been around for so long, that it wouldn't work now because they would know about it and stop that little "backdoor" people use to find out early whether they passed or not. But, why would they? They can use it to get people's money who are so stressed about waiting a few days for quick results (or longer depending where you live if you don't have quick results), that they would be willing to use a valid credit card and risk losing that money if they get the bad pop up and really passed. Personally, I wasn't willing. I like my money way too much to risk it! LoL! But to each his own!

    Anyways, glad you passed!

    On a side note, as meanmaryjean said, you might want to think about how your posts come off. You shouldn't just pop off because someone said something you didn't like. No one was outright mean or nasty to you. They just were saying what they thought. They didn't outright insult you or call you names. They just felt that you didn't do it correctly, because you used the incorrect expiration date. That doesn't call for you do be nasty. Maybe just consider the way you respond to people next time! This is a great place with lots of great people, each with their own thoughts and perspectives on things, which can be very helpful! Try to be a little nicer in your responses!

    Again, congrats on passing!
  3. by   elijahvegas
    its always the new nurses and new to the forum that kinda come out thrashing like this. this topic has been posted 10000 times, and they all say the same thing...but thats none of my business.

    either way, seems like a promising future awaits, i wont be surprised when we see a post about how "everyone on my floor is mean to me and bullying me" and a title saying "NETY older nurses"