Passing standard

  1. Assuming you are getting the harder passing questions what percentage of these harder questions are needed to pass. I keep taking the application and anaylsis types and I can't seem to get above 58- 60%. I have tried applying the Kaplan desicion tree and seem to get worse scores

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  3. by   lovebabies
    they said the decision tree does not always apply to all question
  4. by   princezzzz
    right! right! right! everytime i apply their strategies i always get it wrong...
    so just always think about the priority...
  5. by   caliotter3
    Don't get caught up in percentages and predictor test results. Instead concentrate on learning the concepts you will need to pass the test. Good luck.
  6. by   cslxagRN
    While I was practicing NCLEX questions, I didn't care much how well I did on the predictor tests. I was focusing more on understanding questions, options, and rationales. Every body studies differently, do whatever works best for you though. Good luck!