Passed the NCLEX with 150 questions

  1. Hi all! I recently took my NCLEX this Saturday. I was hoping that the test would cut off at 75 questions but it did not and I was starting to become very nervous. As I approached 100 questions I thought to myself ok, if the test doesn't shut off at 150 I failed. And sure enough it cut off at 150. When asked what number my test cut off at I received a lot of negativity. Such as oh... (silence), or oh... well (silence). Is it rare to pass if you have 150+ questions or something? From my understanding it doesn't matter what number you stop at, you can have all 265 questions and pass still. I purchased my quick results and I passed!!! Is the magical passing number 75 or something? What is the deal? Why the negativity?
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    The computer will shut off once it has determined within a 95% confidence level that you have either met the minimum competency or do not meet the minimum competency no matter how many more questions are answered. It can shut off at any number- 75 could be pass or fail; 265 could be pass or fail. Same for any number in between.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    NCLEX-RN test-takers can pass after having answered any number of questions between 75 and 265. Congratulations to you on your successful quick result!
  5. by   Get2theChoppa
    That attitude's fairly typical. They're the same people who brag when they get A's but mum's the word when they don't. You passed. That's what matters.
  6. by   Acooksey15
    I just got done taking my test I just arrived home. How do u do the pop up that y'all are talking about?
  7. by   Acooksey15
    How do u do the pop up thing ur talking about? Do u try to pay for it again or something?
  8. by   Acooksey15
    This will be my 3rd time taking this test. I don't knows what I'm doing wrong. I just got home from taking it. I was top of my class with a 4.0 and I'm not passing and I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I do questions everyday. I have taken review course as well. I've been an stna for 15 years. I've studied with multiple nursing friends and it's just not working for me please help I don't know what to do. I love my job and the field I'm in. I finally got the guts to go to nursing school and now I can't pass the test. I just took it 30 minutes ago aga8n and I don't understand.
  9. by   SKN19
    Is an STNA a CNA? I think people who've worked as techs for a long time sometimes have a hard time because you have so much real life experience, and the NCLEX is not about real life. What are you using to practice?