Passed Nclex with 102 questions

  1. Hi Everyone, glad to say that I passed the NCLEX. Wrote on Aug 27th in Minnesota and passed with 102 questions! Its a huge relief for me because I have written the Nclex many times and failed. This time I did something different- which was take the Kaplan course and trying to understand content in my own words instead of memorize. I also took the time to go through ALL the wrong answers i got on the question trainers and Practice Exam.
    Reviewing the correct answers would actually take me twice as long, because. I made notes, and i watched videos and read up on concepts or skills I did not know. It was tedious but worth it.
    I also made it a point to do questions from the qbnk that focused on Pharmaceutical Parental Therapies & Management of Care" Those were my weak areas.

    Additonal Resources I found helpful was: doing the questions &
    The Saunders Comprehesive Nclex Guide (for looking up content)
    Half the battle for me was just believing in myself and trying not to be shaken from past failures.
    Just believe in yourself and Pray, you can do it, I'm a living testimony.
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