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It was a long and hard struggle but I was able to finally pass on my 3rd attempt. To tell you the truth, I don't think it was any ONE thing that I studied from. The first time I used Saunders and its... Read More

  1. by   miss_cy
    is it true that nclex- rn increased their standard ALREADY?? how true fellas
  2. by   musee
    yes its true...its posted (announcement) on their website.
  3. by   myrn07
    NCLEX wil increase their standard april 1 2007
  4. by   miss_cy
    Quote from ivtherapypct_06
    NCLEX wil increase their standard april 1 2007
    so te exam will be more diffivult than before??? oh my the preveious exam questions were totally difficult! so it 'll be harder this time wat shud i do now?? oh no! is there any advice how wil i review even better? any books..also i saw this book wyl i was canvasing for saunders (they ran out of stocks) " the book was NCLEX-RN REVIEW" second edition by Margarat Dahlhauser ...u think guys thats useful?? my bf is in the states and he checked that out in a bukstore there and its worth $39.95, almost d same as Saunders' price...well i never heard of that book b4 but is that advisable to read? if u know bout this book..can u tell me about it and how it works for the nclex rn prep..thanks
  5. by   nadu13

    I read ur thread and it is interesting what u said about not passing the first time. When u read ur results info that u receive from NCLEX it said u were Near Passing Standards. Well, with me this was my second time taking the test and I got all 205 questions and when I realize that I was about to take the entire test I was running out of time. I started answering the questions really fast so I wasn't taking my time answering the remaining questions. When I got my results in the mail, I was NEAR PASSING STANDARD on each and every categorie. I keep telling myself that had I took the time to answer each and every questions and also not taking the break they give u, I would have pass. I do plan on taking the test a third and I know this time around I will pass.
  6. by   sirI
  7. by   marxsoft
    Thanks to all for their congrats! To people taking the test again, just keep at it and try your best. Think of each and every time as your first. You'll get it!