Ok, now I'm going crazy!!!! Someone plz help!!!

  1. Ok, so I took my exam yesterday (NCLEX-PN) and it shut off at 193. Now, I'm reading all these threads, and articles over the web, and listening to everybody's advice...and I' am just killing myself inside! Ok, so my test went from 3 fairly easy questions to harder ones, then to difficult, then some easy and then hard again. But it went back and forth a few times, and by the end, I had really difficult questions and I'm not sure if I did answer those correctly. So my husbands got me all worrying and I feel like I failed since I had so many questions that were difficult and I'm not sure if I got a lot of them right. =(**** And 193??! I have never heard anyone get that high up and especially not even getting all the way to 205 at least!!! Oh lord, I failed didn't I??!!!!?
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Try to relax and avoid overanalyzing the exam. There are several factors that make it impossible to determine pass/fail from a person's description of their own exam. Keep in mind:

    - that both passers and failers get ~50% correct
    - that people pass and fail at all numbers of the exam.

    Good luck to you. Let us know how it turns out.
  4. by   Miss LVN
    Thank you so much for the advise and I definitely will! I pray I pass and I pray that all the others waiting pass too!!! With all the schooling and crazy days in clinicals, we deserve our license!!
  5. by   HAPPY45
    i know how you feel because am on the same boat, i took nclex-pn and i had 160 questions, i live in Ca so i have to wait a month for results. good luck to us
  6. by   wdiehl
    ok im in the boat too i have 2more weeks to go i stopped at 90 because i ran out of time so you really think i passed not!!! i want to have faith but its really hard. www