Oh Man !

  1. I just can't believe with the events of this week, how everything has turned out.

    Say hello to your newest RN !! WOOO HOOO!!

    Oh, and not to downplay my husband's good fortune, his surgery went well. There were no complications, and the removal was completed laparoscopically.(spelling?)
    He'll be coming home tomorrow, boy do my two boys miss him!

    And if anyone recalls my nightmare NCLEX morning, with my one year old falling, he's just fine. Personality is unchanged and is chasing after his big brother as quickly as ever. That fall affected me more than him, he hardly even has a discoloration on his forehead...good thing he's hard-headed!

    It's such a relief being able to tell my future job that everything is clear for me to start orientation!

    Life is good!
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  3. by   patsyNJ2006
    I'm still amazed......there's no chance that the "unofficial" quick results could be wrong, or amended in some way, is there?
    They can't be wrong, can they?
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    were learningext question comparable to nclex questions?
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    Congratulations! :icon_hug: :kiss :smiley_aa :yeahthat:
  9. by   patsyNJ2006
    learningext and saunders were most similar. But the test itself just increases in difficulty, so you always feel lost and have to do your best guess.
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    thanks for info