Officially Passed the NCLEX... Here's how:

  1. I took the NCLEX on March 4th and got the good pop-up. Today I paid for quick results and found out that I passed. I also got the NCSBN Candidate Report in the mail stating that I successfully passed. Right now, I'm just waiting for my license #. (It was my first time taking the NCLEX).

    I am sharing how I prepared for the NCLEX. I read several similar posts before I tested which is what inspired me to write this one. But, please note that not everyone's exam is the same. What might work for one person, won't for another.

    1. You should know your content very well. You can learn as many strategies and practice as many questions as you like... but if you don't know your content (& what the question is asking), you're not as likely to get it right. I spent over a month just studying Saunders for content. I would recommend that you take the practice test that are after each chapter BEFORE reading the chapter and seeing your score without reading the rationales. After you read the chapter and go through the questions again, you will know why you got it wrong. And hopefully this will reinforce the concepts in your head.

    2. While reading the chapters from Saunders, highlight the important points. And then about 1-2 weeks before the exam, review what you have highlighted.

    3. I also recommend taking a pretest before you begin studying so that you know what your strengths and weaknesses are. Definitely focus more on your weaknesses while studying. For me it was Peds.

    4. When you're good on content, you will do better on the questions. I recommend NCSBN and PDA by LaCharity for practice questions. The wording was most similar to the NCLEX. They will also be very helpful with priority and SATA questions which I got a lot of.

    5. Kaplan does have some good strategies. I checked out their NCLEX-RN strategies book from a local library and went through the questions (about 600). It also comes with a CD. I checked this out from the library as there was no way I was going to pay $500 for their course.

    6. I did go through all the Saunders questions as stated above, but I personally felt that they were easier compared to the other resources that I used.

    For those who are curious, I answered <3000 questions for practice. I scored the highest on Saunders, about 70% on Kaplan, 65% on PDA, & 60% on NCSBN.

    Don't get questions wrong by misreading or reading them too quickly. Make sure you know what the question is asking. Also NCLEX tests us on textbook nursing not on your real life experiences. Take your time when answering the questions. Don't rush!

    Oh, and remember - about 85% of people who take the NCLEX pass their 1st time. So you're more likely to pass if you prepare well!

    Good luck!
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    Congrats on your accomplishment. I just passed NCLEX-RN a month ago, I can hardly believe its been a month. I am really enjoying not having to study, clinicals, exams, or care plans. I dont miss it at all. But I do agree with your advice, definitely know your content, practice questions, take it one question at a time, and most of all.... BELIEVE in YOURSELF! You obviously know something to have made it through nursing school!
  4. by   angel27RN
    CONGRATULATIONS on PASSING! Hope to be like you soon! GOD bless you on your career.
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    is there a Saunders pn book that have text question before you read the book
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    Quote from still standing 2013
    is there a Saunders pn book that have text question before you read the book
    There's a Saunders book that just has test questions without content. But, I used the book that reviews nursing content and after each chapter is a practice test. I recommend doing the practice tests before reading the chapter to determine how much you need to focus on that particular chapter.
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    Quote from still standing 2013
    is there a Saunders pn book that have text question before you read the book
    This book is all questions-I used this to prepare + the Saunders book for content (green)-I did the questions at end of each chapter and any weak areas that I had I reviewed which happened to be Pediatrics

  9. by   still standing 2013
    thanks guys I got the Saunders 5edition the one that came after the green one,do you that it also could help me with the content or well i have too get the (green) one