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  1. I just have a question. In case nclex asks this if late deceleration is noted what does the nurse do first? Stop the pitocin or position mother on left side? On some sites I see stop the oxytocin and others to change position or give o2. I'm testing for nclex tomorrow I was want to make sure
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  3. by   Meganmcm
    We learned this in nursing school, hopefully it helps.
    On the left is the type of FHR strip, and the right the reason of nurses action.
    Variable - Cord compression
    Early - Head compression
    Acceleration- OK (as in this is ok)
    Late - Placental insufficiency

    For your question, I remember having this as a VATI test prep question. The answer was stop the Pitocin as its effect on the body increases oxygen consumption.
    Second action is oxygen application.

    Hope that helps!
    Best of luck tomorrow!
  4. by   udng
    I've always seen that "stop the Pitocin" is first. In my view, giving oxygen wouldn't do much if the main offender of the issue (the Pitocin) is still on. Its the same thing as with a blood transfusion reaction. Anything you do won't help much until you stop the main cause of the problem!
  5. by   iwannabeanursee
    Okay thank you both! I test at 3 and I'm having doubts about the whole thing
  6. by   Meganmcm
    Don't!! Just read every question twice, and I with your gut! You'll be fine!
  7. by   RNNPICU
    The key in the questions is what would the nurse do FIRST! First stop the pit, it did not say patient was having a decrease in oxygen levels. It is looking at how would you respond to changes in a patient
  8. by   iwannabeanursee
    Well I finished my exam at 4:30. I definitely bombed it again. This is PN btw. It shutoff at 85. I'm pissed I wanted it to keep going cuz that means I did really poorly that they shut me off. There's no way I passed. The first two times it shutoff at 205q. Well I'm done with nursing. It's not for me.
  9. by   iwannabeanursee
    Update; I decided the do the trick..I got thisimg_0307-png
  10. by   NurseKait_11
    That doesn't automatically mean you failed if it shut off at 85. My RN shut of at 75 and I passed so it could mean that you did well enough that they shut it off at 85 for you. Keep your head up! Good luck.
  11. by   RNNPICU
    Just wait for your official results before making any rush decisions.
    Sending you well wishes
  12. by   iwannabeanursee
    I did the pvt yesterday and today and still got the our records indicate... I've read this is the good popup. My last attempt I had a credit card declined message the bad popup. I really hope I passed this time or else I'm done.
  13. by   iwannabeanursee
    I passed pvt is accurate