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  1. HI,everyone my name is sweety2. I have taken my RN boards and was not successful in passing. I have given up because I did not passed.I went to nursing school late in life when my children was all grown. I was excited then and pushed myself very hard to accomplish this but now since I did not pass I feel like it was just a waste. please reply back with your comments
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  3. by   Tweety
    I'm sorry you failed. But that's no reason to give up. Give yourself a little time, then pick yourself up and do it again.
  4. by   nadu13
    Hi sweety2, I'm sorry to hear that you failed but that is no reason to give up. I took the NCLEX PN twice and failed. I wanted to give up but I realize that I went to nursing school for a reason. Give ur self some time to relax and jump right back in to your study mode. In the beginning of this forum, there is a sticky from Suzanne4 that reads First tip of my study guide. A lot of people have tried her study guide and pass and as a matter of fact that is what I'm using right now. U owe it to ur self and ur kids. Please don't give up!
  5. by   DolphinRN84
    Definitely DO NOT give up! I'm really sorry you failed, but if you could survive nursing school, you CAN survive this exam. There have been people here on the forum that have failed 3+ times and still manage to pass. I definitely recommend Saunders Comprehensive Review and Suzanne's plan. Go to the top of this forum and you'll find a sticky that says "First tip of my new study guide." It will tell you what to do and where to go from there. Suzanne the co-moderator of this forum developed a six week plan just using Saunder's Comprehensive Review book and she has a ~100% passing rate. Many people who have failed multiple times used her plan and passed using her plan. Good luck and please don't give up! You can do it!
  6. by   Daytonite
    Before you decide to totally call it quits, I would investigate the possibility of taking the LPN boards in your state. Some states allow those who have completed part of their RN training or who are not passing the RN boards to sit for the LPN licensing exam. If you can at least work as an LPN you will be a nurse and put your training to use. I still wouldn't abandon all hope of not becoming and RN. Keep studying and working toward passing that NCLEX.