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I took NCLEX last year on oct, unfortunately I didn't pass. So I reapply on the 1st week of dec '06. When I reapply I changed my address, will this become a problem. Should I inform cali-BON about... Read More

  1. by   scareeseroy
    I do have ssn can i still reapply even its more than a year since i took the last exam? Im asking because im not really sure if the timeframe is 1 or 2 years. Thanks
  2. by   Kazza, MSN, RN
    Best thing to do, is call up the state board of the state you are wishing to seek licensure from. As well as looking on their website for information.

    Good Luck.......
  3. by   toshie
    hey scareeseroy is your nclex in CA? yes you can even if it was a year ago. i had my exam 2009 then I reapplied just this year. it will take 2 years before they can remove you on their list but u need to ask them until what month can u reapply. have your candidate number ready. the one written in ur att.
  4. by   toshie
    hey again sorry i was wrong. have your File number ready the one given by BON not the number in the att.
  5. by   iamIANE
    Hi! I took the NCLEX California on May 19, 2009 which is 2 years and 6 months ago.. Can I still undergo the process of reapplication or do I have to do the entire procedure of application like the first time I took the exam??

    Your response will be very much appreciated.. Thank You!!
  6. by   iamIANE
    Quote from Silverdragon102
    If you have sat the exam before they want to know when month and year you applied

    What if I already forgot the month when I apply?? Where can I possibly find it?