Need advice on HOW to study for nclex-pn!

  1. [FONT=century gothic]hello!!! i graduated from LPN program July 13, 2012! Woohoo! I already received my ATT and i scheduled my nclex-pn for the first available date... AUGUST 27, 2012!!! AHHHH!!! I don't think anyone ever feels "ready" to take the exam... but i've heard that the sooner you take it, the higher chance you have of passing it!

    Okay, so to study... i'm doing questions from the saunders (green book) and questions from exam cram (which, honestly, i feel they're not challenging enough; easier then saunders). I'm going over the questions i got wrong and going over that specific material. looking at my lab values, maslow's, nursing process, ABCs. IDK HOW ELSE TO STUDY?! If anyone has any tips for me... PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE, PLEASE?!

    I'm praying that i'll pass on first try... i did great with my ATIs. Idk if that'll make a difference.
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  3. by   boisern84
    I am not a big fan of exam cram but seems like you are on the right track. Def make sure you add psych medications and disease, diabetes, isolation precautions along with donning/doffing ppe and which patients you should see first! Good luck!
  4. by   jagged777
    i used saunders comprehensive 4th edition, pda by la charity, kaplan strategies nclex pn practice and review 2012-2013, exam cram 1000 question 3rd edition and study guide. the following steps worked for me. so give it a shot and hope it helps.

    (step 1)i would suggest focusing on the content areas you know that you are weak/struggle/have problems in first. review it as much as you can till you are comfortable with it, then review the areas that you already know next to reinforce the knowlegde.

    (step 2)get the kaplan strategies nclex pn, practice and review 2012-2013 book from amazon like $22. read it cover to cover 3 times, practicing and understanding how to use each strategy step by step till you can identity which is the strategy to use when answering a particular question. do not cram the steps/ strategy it won't work. after reading all the strategy, now you can attempt the questions on the back and once you answer the question on the back, read the rational for both right and wrong answers trust me it worked for me. i had so much more insight on how i arrived at the right answers and wrong answers.

    (step3) pda book ( priortorization, delegation, assignment) this book is a must have, practice , apply the kaplan strategy with each question and read the rational for both right and wrong answers.

    (step 4) exam cram 3rd edition with 1000 questions including the cd. apply the strategy with each question is work, it all about pratice, practice, practice (allen iverson voice lol ). with the exam cram start with the study mode to fill it out by doing 50 ques, then 75 ques, then 100 ques applying the strategy and then proceed to the exam mode still using the strategy to answer the questions.

    (step 5) the last 2wks or wk before your test, practice sata questions throug click on review - under alternate items only click on nursing topics- click select all - the next part is key practice 30 questions from the alternate items daily and reading the rationals.

    (step 6) mediating, working out and positive reaffirmation everyday(saying i will pass my nclex exam and believing in what u say). you have come this far and quiting is not an option, success the the only option and it will be yours. think of a time when you were confident or passed an an exam and felt good about yourself and tap into the energy and use it for motivation.

    last but not the least i dont know your religion, but whatever it is pray and fast it helps. on the day of your exam relax and control your breathing. take breaks if you have to or when its offered. remember that the pain that u feel right now is only temporary and success will eventually take its place which will be permanent. but if you quit now the pain will be forever. there is a video on youtube by eric thomas on success type in "how bad do you want it success" in the search bar on youtube the video comes up and its very motivation/inspirational.

    so now make a study schedule for youself and stick with it. figure out what study style is best for you and stick with. i know you have heard everyone here say this, "you can do it, just believe, know it and claim it.
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    Jagged777, hi, in LaCharity, what chapters did you review most or all, what about the case study chapters?
  6. by   jagged777
    Quote from Assess&Safety1st
    Jagged777, hi, in LaCharity, what chapters did you review most or all, what about the case study chapters?

    The first 18 chapters.
  7. by   Assess&Safety1st
    Ok, I'm on chapter 10 now, eye, sclera, eye surgery, sty, cataract surgery issues hmmm lol not interesting but doing them, Yup ;/
    Ok almost close to chapter 18!
  8. by   Assess&Safety1st
    Did you get a lot of SATA on NCLEX ? Yeah, you passed, have you been applying for jobs?
  9. by   tatacho
    Thank you sooooo much for the replies! I'll definitely be studying my weak areas. I'm also refreshing on the formulas for meds and drop rate. The meds i'm looking over are the ones I passed during clinical and some meds my teacher informed us of. Idk, there are so MANY meds, it's impossible to remember them all. 11 days and counting! Ahhh! I'm jogging for 45 mins (Mon-Fri) and having "me" time on the wkend. Two wks ago i felt i burned a hole through m stomach because i was so stressed out! I'm praying that God is with me while i test to stay clam, strong, and focused!

    today i studied: endocrine disorders, DM, and isolation precautions.
  10. by   tatacho
    Btw, jagged777, that review is AWESOME!!!!! THANKS A BUNCH! \m/
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  12. by   determine2012
    hello everyone,i really need some good advice. ive taken the nclex pn 3time and im going on my 4th going crazy i really dont known what to study and how to study.PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
  13. by   determine2012
    jagged777 do you have any suggestion for me. like you give to tatacho

    please i really need help
  14. by   jagged777
    Quote from determine2012
    jagged777 do you have any suggestion for me. like you give to tatacho

    please i really need help

    What books did you use to study for the nclex?