NCSBN update from a friend that just took NCLEX

  1. I had a friend take the nclex yesterday and she studied from kaplan, medspub, and ncsbn, she told me that ncsbn had questions most like NCLEX and even said some were very very simular!!

    Good luck

    i test july 8th
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  3. by   floridanursemom239
    How'd she do? I studied from those too....I took mine yesterday also.
  4. by   perfectly_4given
    not sure she hasnt gotten her results yet
  5. by   floridanursemom239
    Keep your chin up girl, you are going to do fine. I studied until I could not anymore. I have not gotten my results either....waiting impatiently....hope it was enough!! Just keep a positive attitiude walking in and you will do fine.
  6. by   beachbutterfly
    wow awsome I signed up for a 3 week review..
  7. by   Izodiaw
    what book is that I have not heard about it.Please give me more info. I have to take the NCLEX too. I was using SAunders and it s too easy. I m very anxious. Any advise???
  8. by   beachbutterfly
    It is online review course for minimum 50 bucks,type in NCSBN
  9. by   Mexarican
    I bought the online review from the NCSBN for just $50 and passed the NCLEX with just 75 questions three weeks ago. I agree that it is a very good review. In fact it was the first review ever made available to nursing students for NCLEX, before all this prep for NCLEX became a big business, according to their website. I did not have money for Kaplan, like some of my classmates, so I bought this and I must say that the value I got far surpassed what I paid for it. I also used the Saunders and Mosbys questions as well which helped me round out my preparation because a friend of mine who took it last year recommended that i study questions from different sources. The only beef i had with the NCSBN questions were with the SATA and Alternative questions, they kinda sucked and I felt were done half-ass. But that only made up like 80 to 100 of the 1200 plus questions. The other questions which were like 1000 questions were very good and I felt were very indicative of what I say on NCLEX. In the end I passed NCLEX with 75 questions and apart from the standard fees paid for licensure and exam i only paid $50 for my NCLEX prep compared to $400 to $500 for Kaplan and i yielded great results, don't ya think ;-)

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