Nclex was awful

  1. So I took the nclex at 8 am. I was using U world for the past 3 weeks, took the self assessment on saturday and got a high chance of passing. When I started U world, I thought the questions were really hard!, but i got better at it. During the Nclex I was praying for the same questions from Uworld. I took 75 questions, and ended with a sata. about halfway through the test, I felt like it got a little easier, which is opposite of what most people say. I have no idea whether I passed or not, except I did do the PVT and got the good pop up. I just want to say it was the worst test I have ever taken. The questions seemed real vague. not a clear cut test that i'm use to. It was very random. So lets just hope I passed, cus I dont feel like I did.
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  3. by   2016srnfcc
    woah, i am so nervous for you!!!! please keep us updated for sure. Did you take hesi for your school, if so what was your hesi exit score?
  4. by   newnurse Fresno
    I did, and I got a conversion score of 83. I just cant get over the sinking feeling that I bombed!! everyone tells me its kinda normal to feel that way. The only shred of hope I am clinging to is the good pop up!!
  5. by   2016srnfcc
    i have been on allnurses for a minute, and from my experience a lot of people do feel like they have had bombed it to only realized they had passed. I have been studying since may 25th for 8 hours a day doing 75-100 questions a day. My hesi conversion score is 80.3 percent so if you do pass that will give me some confidence that i may pass too. Did you do the uworld assessment? also the good pop up is good. I heard of alot of stories on its reliability. Sending good vibes and please keep us updated.
  6. by   newnurse Fresno
    Thank you so much, I have worked really hard for this, as we all have!! I wish I could tell you what to study or prepare for, but I cant!! Other than read those rationales . My U world assesment said High chance of passing... and I still feel like I will be the one person to bomb against all odds!! LOL
  7. by   newnurse Fresno
    Omg I Passed!
  8. by   Chazzie_Made_It
    Quote from amberlys94
    I did, and I got a conversion score of 83. I just cant get over the sinking feeling that I bombed!! everyone tells me its kinda normal to feel that way. The only shred of hope I am clinging to is the good pop up!!
    I totally understand the feeling. I felt like that when I got out of there. It's a completely different kind of exam. I felt like the questions were not even in the format that UWorld presents, or any other study material for that matter. Whew! I had high scores in World and scored a 99 on HESI - but even I left not knowing whether I passed or not. I felt like the questions were weird. IDK. It's still the weirdest exam I took. But was in and out in less than an hour. I passed in 75 questions. So, yeah, everyone feels the same way. LOL! Glad you passed!
  9. by   newnurse Fresno
    Yes weirdest, most annoying questions ever! So glad it's over.
  10. by   2016srnfcc
    Quote from amberlys94
    Omg I Passed!
    Congrats, that is really good news. Time to Celebrate for sure!!!
  11. by   northmississippi
    I felt like you had passed when you said it was hard, that means you were getting upper level questions maybe. You were also trying to make a 100 on it like you were your school test which made it more stressful. As long as you get more right than wrong, your good i hear. Congrats to you!!!!!
  12. by   mzinfinit
    Yes!!! Glad you passed!! Congratulations!

    May I ask what you mean by "weird" questions? Can you give an example (not using an actual question/content)? Like if the test was about fast food, how would the question be formed? Did you at least know what the topic of each question was? Or was it even more vague than that? Sorry, I thought I was ready and have been doing UWorld, but your post has me anxious!
  13. by   newnurse Fresno
    I guess I would just say vague is the only way I can describe it. Not a lot of detail. So it leaves you second guessing yourself
  14. by   newnurse Fresno
    Also, there were two questions about post Mortem care. I don't recall one question about post mortem in UWorld.