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NurseJamillah has 4 years experience as a MSN, NP and specializes in Psychiatry/Mental Health.

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  1. Massachusetts APRN license

    I'm guessing that you've got it by now, but mine took a few days short of a month after I got the "Final Review" email.
  2. Looking for reviews on MCPHS NP program

    I attend Regis online. Not too happy with the program, but I've heard the on-campus program is a lot better. I have a coworker that went to MCPHS and liked it, although she said that like me, she had a very difficult time securing a preceptor. R...
  3. Regis College Online PMHNP Spring 2020

    Emailed you yesterday, FYI.
  4. Regis College Online PMHNP Spring 2020

    Personally, I don't know but it's probably on their website.
  5. Advice please!

    I am 1/3 of the way into my PMHNP program full-time. I recently quit working as a floor nurse at a hospital part-time and I have just begun working per diem at an outpatient psych facility. I only need $2k/mo to live off of, ideally. My program was b...
  6. COVID-19 Are the droplets somewhat airborne? Conflicting reports

    The WHO considers nebulizer treatment to be aerosol-generating. From the WHO: "In the context of COVID-19, airborne transmission may be possible in specific circumstances and settings in which procedures or support treatments that generate aerosols a...
  7. Current Struggles as a New Grad

    I don't know if it's the same for you, but my issue at that point was being overwhelmed with everything. I am about 16 months in now, and things are getting easier. I think it is because so many things have now become second nature, that there are le...
  8. I work in a hospital, so if they are mature, I start with, "Do you usually wear a brief, like Depends?". At all ages, I ask, "Do you have urgency or stress incontinence? That means when you have to go, you HAVE TO GO." If they say yes, then I say, do...
  9. Non nursing PhD

    Hi! If you don't mind me asking, did you end up deciding to pursue your PhD? I am in a PMHNP master's program right now, and I find myself curious about the same path! Before I got my nursing BS, I did a BS in Biology. I hope all is well!
  10. Regis College Online PMHNP Spring 2020

    Did you start? How's it going? I am in NU605 right now, leadership. Lots of papers and busy work, and they are taking me a long time to write. I was planning on increasing my work hours to save up money before clinicals start next year, but I don't k...
  11. Regis College Online PMHNP Spring 2020

    By telephone, then email. I don't think that is typical, though. I think it may only have been because I had been speaking to the applications advisor a lot because my advisor changed during the application process, which made it take longer.
  12. Regis College Online PMHNP Spring 2020

    Hi! I don't have a master's degree yet! Your program is only a year, correct?
  13. Looking for advice on possible field change...

    Thank you, I will! I may have spoken too soon--I now have two interviews, next week. Both are for per diem jobs. One is at a small, locked facility within the hospital group that I currently work at, and the other is at a private "college" (with dorm...
  14. Regis College Online PMHNP Spring 2020

    Hi! I just found out I was accepted to the January 2020 start for Regis. Will any other members be in this cohort?
  15. PASSED ANNP Exam Yesterday + some more