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NurseJamillah is a BSN, RN and specializes in Med-Surg.

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  1. NurseJamillah

    Regis College Online PMHNP Spring 2020

    By telephone, then email. I don't think that is typical, though. I think it may only have been because I had been speaking to the applications advisor a lot because my advisor changed during the application process, which made it take longer.
  2. NurseJamillah

    Regis College Online PMHNP Spring 2020

    Hi! I don't have a master's degree yet! Your program is only a year, correct?
  3. NurseJamillah

    Looking for advice on possible field change...

    Thank you, I will! I may have spoken too soon--I now have two interviews, next week. Both are for per diem jobs. One is at a small, locked facility within the hospital group that I currently work at, and the other is at a private "college" (with dorms) for children and adolescents with behavioral issues and special needs. I also was hired this week as a school nurse sub for a local high school. They said they probably will only need me 2-3 days per month. Now, I need to figure out how many per-diem jobs it will take me to be able to replace my current part-time med-surg job!
  4. NurseJamillah

    Regis College Online PMHNP Spring 2020

    Hi! I just found out I was accepted to the January 2020 start for Regis. Will any other members be in this cohort?
  5. NurseJamillah

    PASSED ANNP Exam Yesterday + some more

  6. NurseJamillah

    Looking for advice on possible field change...

    Thank you so much for responding. I feel the same way--I don't want to work at a state hospital. I currently have an autistic family member in such a facility, and seeing what he's going through is heart-breaking. In my state, mental health hospitals are under they purveyance of the department of corrections. My goal would be get to work with kids like him and try and help prevent them from ending up at places like that. There isn't one nearby, so that probably wouldn't even be an option for me, work-wise. There are a lot of outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, group homes, etc. near me that need workers in the mental health field. Those are the jobs that I have been applying to...sadly, with no luck (as of yet). I did just complete my first year of being a nurse. Most of the positions require 6 mos - 1 year of experience, but prefer 2 years. I did my psych clinical on a locked geri-psych unit at a nearby acute-care hospital, which I enjoyed. They are always hiring, but they also require experience. I've applied, anyway. I do have an opportunity arranged, next month, to spend time with a psych NP at a local outpatient facility. I will also see if there is any volunteer-work within the surrounding communities that might prove beneficial. Thank you again for your insight. Even if I do accept a job outside of the behavioral health field, I'll continue to plug away at putting in job applications within it!
  7. NurseJamillah

    Looking for advice on possible field change...

    Well, the same reason that I got a degree in nursing, also with no experience--becsuse it interests me. I tend to volunteer to provide care for the patients who the other nurses complain are "behavioral". Also, I do have another degree, in which I took several psych classes. I know that isn't experience, but I think it made me more inquisitive, in that sense. I would like to get psych nursing experience before starting that part of the program, and have discussed it with the school. I have applied to psych nursing jobs near me, but have not heard back yet. I made the post because I have been applying to psych jobs for 6 months, and have been grappling with the idea of applying to non-psych jobs. Thanks!
  8. NurseJamillah

    Looking for advice on possible field change...

    I've applied to a few jobs, now, all per-diem, including two substitute school nurse positions. Fingers crossed!
  9. NurseJamillah

    Regis College Online FNP

    Hi, thanks for your input. Any updates? Have you completed the program? Thank you!
  10. NurseJamillah

    New Grad RN Resume Advice Needed!

    You've gotten a lot of great advice, already, but I wanted to add a few things that just aid in concision. You might want to start your sentences by using the action verbs that directly contributed to patient care. Begin the sentence with what you actually did, not the outcome of your action. For example, the line, "Coached new RAs..." is perfect. However, "Assisted the Rapid Response team by delivering..." could be rearranged to "Documented EKGs, delivered crash cart (etc.), to the Rapid Response team." It gets to the point earlier on in the sentence. Another example is your statement, "Improved patient care by aiding my preceptor in assessing over 20...." That could be rearranged to read, "Assessed over 20 orthopedic patients for pressure ulcers with preceptor, improving patient care." At the end, "Profession-Related Skills" could be "Nursing Skills", and you might want to move that section up higher. Lastly, you have awards listed under the your RA experience, but not in the Awards section. I'd either keep all of your awards together, without repeating them, in the awards section, or leave them embedded in the experience, but then remove "awards" from that "License" section.
  11. NurseJamillah

    Looking for advice on possible field change...

    Thank you, I didn't even think about checking there. My mind is so consumed with needing to get out of my current job before classes starts, I forgot that I am going to be a student! Thank you, I will consider that when choosing. I was originally looking for 24 hours pp, so that I can have some benefits, but I am now leaning towards per diem.
  12. NurseJamillah

    Looking for advice on possible field change...

    Pretty please?
  13. NurseJamillah

    Advice Needed Please

    Maybe add some context in your cover letter? Add a note into your resume to see cover letter? I'm not certain that it will work for nursing, but it worked for me when I worked in a different field. I left my job to go to school full-time, then went out of the country on a study abroad, came back and had to move after a death in the family. I was unemployed for almost a year. When I was interviewed, they'd written a note on the top of my resume about it. They asked me questions about being out of the workforce (even though it wasn't very long). I was prepared with examples of how I still got up every morning like I was going to work, things I did to maintain my organizational skills, etc. I have a friend that was a HUC until she passed her NCLEX, then after 6 months, she could apply for other internal jobs. I second trying a new nurse residency program!
  14. NurseJamillah

    proof of residency

    Depends on what they require, as mentioned above. That being said, I moved in with my significant other, and everything was already established, so I've had this problem before. I used a bank statement and a cell phone bill. I was able to update them both, the same day, then go to the local library and print copies out.
  15. I have a year in med-surg experience and next year, I will be starting school for a MSN degree. I decided that med-surg is probably not for me, and I will be doing the psych NP MSN program. I would like to have more flexibility in my work hours, when I go back to school, and I will be trying to conceive in the near future. I do not anticipate going to school full-time, and I believe they allow 5 years to complete the program. I'd like to hear opinions regarding how important is it, during that 2-5 years, that I work in a field that I would like to practice in, upon becoming an NP. I am not 100% sure that I will do psych, but even if I don't, I don't think I would want to do inpatient work. I am finding that a lot of the jobs that are available, that are either per diem, or have scheduling flexibility, are in specialties like dialysis, wound care clinics, or other niche areas. Would I be doing myself a great disservice to work somewhere like this until I finish school? Although I probably won't go into any of these fields, they appear to be able to provide a lifestyle conducive to my school/family plans, and earnings sufficient to pay the bills. Thanks!
  16. NurseJamillah

    Is my (50K) BSN worthless?

    Were you working day shift? I just completed my 1st year of nursing on a busy med-surg (mostly surgical) unit, and we were required to rotate off-shift, as needed. Although it would have been difficult for me for a few reasons, I think I would have had a much less stressful 1st year if I'd just stayed on overnights the whole time. Not to say that it's "easy", but on my floor, there were less "moving parts", so to say, than on day shift. For instance, there were less meetings, less phone calls, less family visits, fewer medications to pass (on my unit), we didn't have to make sure our mobility-limited patients ambulated every 1-2 hrs, or were up in the chair for meals (which can take a lot of time if you get that patient cleaned up, and into a chair, and then they immediately have a bowel movement, so you have to move them back into bed to clean, then back into the chair). Also, were you full-time? I started off 5 days, then went to 3, and I found that I not only had (obviously) less learning opportunities, but I had more time in-between re-performing newer skills. There were certain skills that I only performed once every few weeks (which may have been performed weekly, had I been working 5x/week). I know there are a lot of people saying that skills alone doesn't make a "good nurse", but as novice nurse, stress surrounding skill performance might hinder all else. And without experience, we have to rely only our critical thinking (which can be a timely process if you have anxiety, and/or are not confident). Personally, before I was good at my basic nursing skills, each task took more time, added more anxiety, and can made me less confident. Once the skills were just muscle memory, I could multitask -- using my hands, while thinking critically.

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