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So bright and early tomorrow i have my exam...had a terrible migraine today that landed me in bed for several hours. Feeling much better now, bright eyed and bushy to force myself to... Read More

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    [QUOTE="hbhalla;7274186"]was it very difficult and how was it different from previous

    The questions were very challenging...all 265...most of what seemed familiar but the way they were structured made it diffucult it decide which was the correct answer. They touched every condition...
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    Quote from melaniedale28f

    Hello im in need of help and encouragement. Im a mother of a 3month old daughter. I failed twice and now im starting to study again. i need to pass nclex,but what shall i do, my time is huaband is not with me. Were long distance im only one taking care of my daughter.huhu.plz help me
    send me a private message with ur email address
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    Quote from odeth1

    send me a private message with ur email address i need help from you guys!!!!
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    Quote from RN2BEESOON
    How would you recommend studying drugs?
    As it relates to drugs i group them so cardio , the different antibiotics... Diuretics and so forth. I realize that i can figure the drug out if you know the class or beta blockers end with even if you dont know the drug, but basesd on the stem of the question u can figure drug out.
    also when i study a condition...i must know which is the primary drug used for that
    Myasthena gravis....know about mestinon...etc.
    Feuer nursing has pharmacology audio . It is excellent. if u listen it are good to go.
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    Thank you all for your congratulations ..i will let you know tomorrow when i check bon or the quick results.
  6. by   odeth1
    Nclexites....know the common conditions...and once you plan to do the nclex...get pda by lacharity!!!
    It is a must...dont take the case studies for granted! And ncsbn as much as you can!
  7. by   mercygrad09
    hi odeth, I saw you used NCSBN, how was that? I am doing that, plus some Kaplan Q Trainers.. I take it again in a few weeks..
  8. by   odeth1
    It found it quite helpful, the questions are similar to nclex. I didnt read all their content but i zeroed in on procedures and infection control. I think it really helped me to ace the nclex..
  9. by   mercygrad09
    Gotcha. What types of questions did you have? Not sure if all the states have the same type of questions. I stay in Florida.
  10. by   odeth1
    Im in florida too..lots of priority..psychiatric and lots of sata.
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