NCLEX today in MA.....nervous

  1. So I took the NCLEX today in Boston, it couldn't have been any worse. My fiance and I got lost getting to the place and subsequently got into a fight in which I got out of the car to walk, and had to ask people on the streets to help me, mind you it was bitterly cold out there. So then I found it, yeah!! Maybe I was a little cocky going in, I took an NCLEX predictor which stated that I had a 96% liklihood of passing the boards and all the books I studied from made me feel like I was almost always able to pick the right one. Anyhow I got in there and was side swiped, I don't know where some of these questions came from. I reached 75 and expected it to shut off, then I hit 100, then 125 and got all the way up to about 165 and then it shut off. I felt and still feel so sick to my stomach. If I think about it too much I might cry. I don't know what I'll do if I fail. I NEED to start working and MA is a state that requires licensure to work. Anybody have a similar experience or words of encouragement?
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  3. by   Achoo!
    Keep positive! Remember 85% of those testing pass the first time!! Good luck!!
  4. by   pkin22
    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I just have a bad feeling. This is going to be the longest 24 hours.
  5. by   2007BSN
    I took my test today and i feel the same way!!! I got 75 questions and a lot of content questions and about a million select all that apply and several priority questions. I also got a lot of meds that i had no clue what they were. Anyways, i'm right there with you as far as the waiting goes. I'm sure you passed. I have to wait till friday to find out. And like you i need my Rn to start work. Good luck!
  6. by   KellieNurse06
    well pk...good luck, you probably did fine...don't worry! I don't think anyone can really truly study for it because you don't know what you are getting for questions........I am waiting to get my ATT to take my test as we's been since Jan 5th that I've been big to do is with the job search.......I was told by nursing recruiters that I have job hunting for me that alot of hospitals in places like Boston & such have tons of openings but will not hire new grads because they don't want to train them...they want experienced nurses or someone with a year of med surg under their belt........It is so discouraging!!!
  7. by   pkin22
    OH I know, the job search in Boston is so competitive. Most hospitals also wants BS in nursing before they'll even look at you, unfortunately that's not me. I just moved here from NY and it stinks cause I could have sneezed and had a job if I still lived there. But oh well. If I pass and I find a hospital willing to train I'll let you know KellieNurse06.
    Take care, and thanks to everyone for your support. It's nice to see that people feel the same way you do.
  8. by   DolphinRN84
    Good luck to you pkin22! I'm from MA too and yes, RN jobs are very competitive here for new grads unfortunately I was lucky to finally be able to find something. Let us know when you find out your results and how your job hunt goes! I definitely know how you feel.
  9. by   pkin22
    Thanks, I'll let you guys know. Hopefully I won't be too embarrassed to share. I think I feel worse today than I did yesterday, the NCLEX stinks!!!
  10. by   ITsurvivor06
    pkin i'm in indiana, not ma, and i took the nclex-pn today. i definitely feel your pain.......our class took about 7 different ati tests during the course of the program and i scored in the mid-high 90th %tile in all of them, and the 98th on the big 200-question exit predictor. i was an a student, used the saunders review book and cd, did 900+ practice questions, and felt nervous but still reasonably confident when i got to the testing center. but....................
    [color=#483d8b]nothing prepared me for the questions i got. tons of meds i'd never heard of, even a couple medical conditions i was not familiar with. multiple choice questions where none of the four choices seemed correct--the "right" answer wasn't even among the choices.......i could go on and on. so when the computer shut off at 85, the minimum for the pn test, i was like, "nooooooooooooooo!!!!!"
    [color=#483d8b]i told my husband afterward that in all honesty i expected the test to end at 85, and that i would feel fairly confident that i'd passed. but it shut off at 85 and it scared the sh** out of me, because i felt there were so many that i did not know and got wrong. many of the questions were really, really hard.
    [color=#483d8b]like you, i need to work, and cannot until licensed. testing on a thursday i may not get to know my status until monday. waiting is pure torture!!!!!
    [color=#483d8b]let's try to think positively and remember what eric keeps saying on here.....that everyone feels they failed when they leave the place.
    [color=#483d8b]good luck, hang in there and keep us posted!!!!
  11. by   pkin22
    I love reading what other people think and feel. It just feels good that I'm not crazy. I completely relate to the question where none of the answers are the right answer in your mind.
    I will TRY to take your, Eric's, and everyone else's advice and calm down and think positive but it seems so life changing. I will have to go and get a waitressing job until I pass if I fail this one, my fiance needs help with the mortgage. But everyone has their woes.
    Positive self talk, I will try that, although I did do that prior to the test but can't seem to remember how to do it after the test. I will let everyone know. Thanks.
    You hang in there as well, I can't believe you have to wait the whole weekend. Get a massage this weekend, hopefully that will help. Good Luck!!
  12. by   mom2michael
    If you state participates in the quick results, you will have your results 48 hours after you have tested. It's done by computer so it doesn't matter if it falls on a Saturday or keep checking this weekend!!!!
  13. by   ITsurvivor06
    in does have quick results, but the ncsbn website says they are accessible after two business days. i am so stressed though i am going to take your advice and check anyway, probably even today. thanks m2m, and pkin!!
  14. by   nessa36va
    hello, just to let you know, i took mine on wednesday and i had all 265 questions!!!! lol i was sure i failed. it was so hard!! but i found out yesterday that i passed!! i think everyone thinks they did badly, but i have faith you passed, good luck!! ps, i was so sick yesterday, i was throwing up!!!