NCLEX Test, 75 questions cut off - page 3

good morning!! My daughter just took her NCLEX this morning, she is freaking out... She has ALWAYS had major anxiety when it comes to test... It cut off at 75 questions, she said it was hard in... Read More

  1. by   tigeom
    I took my NCLEX RN today and it also shut off at 75. I dont feel great about it and cant wait to friday to find out.
  2. by   kevbo0
    I Took the NCLEX RN today-was shut down after 75. I say shut down because I actually would rather have kept going. I was scoring 65-70 on the Kapplan tests, and scored well above the 50th percentile nationally on the ATI, but I feel like I was fed a big dose of NCLEX humble pie. I am so very confused because I had 6-10 "multiple answer" questions, including the last 2 Does anyone know if those are considered more difficult or easy? To me they are the hardest, and I know for a fact that I got at least the last one wrong, maybe even the last two...My hope is that maybe these were 2 of the 15 they will throw out..confused: Does anyone have a story like mine with an ending to it, or have any idea how to interpret what happened? I can handle the truth, if anyone wants to deal it. I have to wait 2 weeks for results because my school was slow about getting transcripts to the BRN BTW-thanks for the positive vibe around here-this is truly the place for me to expend my obsesive compulsive energy.umpiron: