NCLEX study group for new graduates

  1. Hey everyone!!!! I just graduated a few weeks ago, and i can't believe nursing school is over. But, wait not the studying part. I am currently enrolled in the Kaplan course, but it's helpful only in strategy, but not content necessarily. I also have the Saunder's and i was hoping to follow Suzanne's program, but sadly it no longer exists. Can any one suggest a study plan that worked for you. I have the materials i need, but i am not sure on how to study. How many chapters do i cover in a week from Saunders? Sometimes, i fee like i am reading and not retaining a lot of the content when i am reviewing. I am trying to do atleast 100 questions a day and reviewing the questions to see what i need to learn. Any one else with similar stuggles? Also, if anyone who used Suzanne's program, can you share some advice on how to use the Saunder's book to maximize studying. Thanks so much.
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  3. by   pinkiepie_RN
    Oooh oooh ooh...I just graduated! I'll be taking the Kaplan review class for 8 days 9:30 AM -1:30 PM across the span of 2 weeks. After that, I'll take as many questions as I can, stick with my one review book that has a plan (Hogan's NCLEX Reviews and Rationales) and then take NCLEX close to the end of June/early July if I can. The plan starts with a diagnostic test to assess your weaknesses, based on where your weaknesses are, you spend up to 2 weeks on a certain subject matter and then re-test as needed. There are 3 full length practice tests plus ones on the CD.

    Hope this helps!
  4. by   nutara
    Hi! I like the 100 question a day plan. I think I am going to try that considering I am not as motivated as I would like to be about this. I have Saunders, which helped me in nursing school. I am taking a prep course offered by ATI testing. I use the ATI books to review focused areas. Hope this helps!

    new grad nurse Tara
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Having just graduated I would just concentrate on answering questions and reading the rationales. Make sure you understand what the question is asking.
  6. by   deepcool
    anyone studying for nclex in Toronto. Please let me know??
  7. by   JOYRN114
    I am studying for the nclex-rn in toronto. I will be taking it sometime by the end of september, anyone studying in that area?
  8. by   JOYRN114
    did you already take the NCLEX in toronto or are you still studying for it?
  9. by   IndyMitchell
    Finished school Aug. 4th , took Kaplen review Aug. 11 week, started new job as GN at a hospital Aug.17, taking Boards Sept 15..
    MY head is spinning
  10. by   IndyMitchell
    :heartbeatI take my test tomorrow....scared to death,, broke down and cried today..stress level is SO high,, getting a message tonight, test 8am tomorrow..
  11. by   smn2010
    for those of you that have the saunder's cd, i would suggest you complete the pretest (or whatever it is called). once you complete the pretest, you can review a calendar that has been created based upon your pretest results. it is a study schedule for about 30-45 days (...can't remember exactly...) and covers the chapters you should be reading each day in the allotted time period. the calendar button appears on the same screen where you can review your test/quiz results.

    if you are not sure how many chapters to study in a day, this might be the best route for you since the saunder's study calendar is based upon how well/bad you did on the pretest.

    good luck new graduates!