NCLEX RN today at 75 questions

  1. Just need some reassurance. I'm licensing in VA. I just took my NCLEX like 30 minutes ago and it cut off at 75 questions. I did Pearson Test Prep and ATI for studying and averaged about 70% on the practice question sets. Most of my friends were using UWorld but I could barely afford to eat the last few months so I just stuck with what my school provided. I passed my RN Predictor back in March and usually did well on all my ATI proctored exams but I'm still worried. I had maybe 1/3 SATA questions but I had no clue what half the questions were. I hadn't even heard of some of the medications and never learned about some of the disease processes. I did a 4-year program and everyone from my class that I've talked to has passed on their first attempt. I hadn't felt nervous until last night but I got about six hours of sleep and ate a decent breakfast. I was told by a professor that you can try to reregister for a license after about 24 hours and if it doesn't let you, then you passed, but I don't know if anyone else has done that. I'm just nervous and walked out prepared to register again (goodbye, money).
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  3. by   espiritlibre
    Do you know how you did yet? I know when I first took it, I failed with all questions; however, I felt the same as you, but when I got my results back, it was Just pharm that screwed me. Hope to take it in another month or so, when I finish my ATI program.
  4. by   akulahawkRN
    At 75 questions, you either did very well or very poorly. Most of the time I do not suggest trying to do the "PVT" as it very easily could result in you losing $200. It's better to wait 48 hours and do the quick results if it's available in your state. Otherwise look at your state's license system as sometimes they post your license within a couple days. My license posted 35 hours after I submitted the test for scoring. I'm in California and we don't have quick results. My PVT results used an old system that they no longer have so it's much riskier to try. Best to wait.
  5. by   Quota
    I'm also in Virginia and one of my classmates just took the NCLEX a few days ago, her license was posted the next morning. Virginia results are very fast, at least right now they are.
  6. by   espiritlibre
    I agree, you could easily lose $200. It's nice that the results for VA are being post quickly! In Indiana, it takes a good week right now. We do have quick results; however, I advise anyone trying to do the trick against better judgement- use an expired card or a debit card with not $200 on it. I only had made $10 in my bank account and it told me I had insufficient funds so that's how I knew I failed; as a mate did it and it said she was already registered so wouldn't even charge her card yet. Not sure if this is the case for everyone
  7. by   Chrispy11
    I had a third SATA and passed in 75 in June. I think those are considered higher level.

    I didn't have to pay for the quick results. My license number showed up on the state site eight hours before PV posted my quick results.

    I hadn't heard of the PVT until after I had my number. From what I understand from a ton of posts is that it's not the best indicator. Waiting is the pits but it's better than driving yourself crazy over something that isn't reliable. People do the PVT over and over and get different results. Just saw one the other day.