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  1. Hi! Im a newbee here. I graduated Nursing a long time ago . I took the Nclex RN 3x and failed. The 1st 2 tries didnt really have the time to study. The 3rd time I put 3 months of review. I did purely Q n A of ExamCram, Kaplan question trainer 1 to 7, Practice questions of Kaplan Book 2010-2011 ed., 100 items of Saunders 5th ed. I still failed. Should I study comprehensive as in system by system? Again I only 2 months to review and no financial means to buy review materials. Any tips on what will I do to pass the NCLEX RN?
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  3. by   St_Claire that's the link to a free website with 3500 questions including SATA. It sounds like you need to study content. I'm sure your local library has books you can check out.
  4. by   leanforward
    Sorry to hear about that, but you can do it and dont give up!! did you review your weakest areas from the Kaplan assessment analysis? Regarding Saunders, did you do the assessment exam on the cd and then follow the 6weeks content review. Content is that foundation of NCLEX, I know many people prefer reviewing questions, but if you are lacking in content you will not be able to use strategies to its full potential.

    Try Saunders again, do an assessment, then determine you areas of concern. review all the content the 6 wks. study schedule outlined. Set your own time for study eliminating all distrations including cell phones, try to study content 4 hrs. aday 5days a week. If you still dont understand something, please do not skip to the next chapter, look it up, from an old text book, google, u-tube videos etc...then practice questions . NCLEX3500 is very similar to nclex as you know, I did 75 a day and review all it's rationales. Questions from NCSBN learning extension is great as well, since they prepare the NCLEX exam, I would use their content as a guide only and then use Saunders, since its (ncsbn) content is limited on information were as Saunders is very broad and informative. Also, P.D.A. by LaCharity is great and a must have for answer priority type questions, I rented mine from Amazon for $20. I had a lot of SATA which to me are based on content, so again content, content comes before anything else.

    If you plan to take NCLEX in April, then you must know that Management of care and safety & infection control questions will increase by 1%, the good news is that Pharmocology will drop by 1%. So you need to be familiar with how to answer priority type questions, Kaplan strategy book in good for that, I got mine used from Amazon for 15 bucks.

    Try to build critical thinking, Kaplan trainers helped me, so find out what will work for you. Good luck!!! believe in yourself, pray base on your religion and be confident.

    Here is a link I got from this site, it helped my with some infection control type questions. I also, did review this 2 and 3 days before the exam [COLOR=#003366]
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    I used the Kaplan Strategies, Practices, & Review 2010-2011 edition when I tested in 2010. For me, I only used ONE source and learned that ONE source inside and out. I read this book from cover to cover twice. But on the second read, I took my time and really thought about each answer, correct and incorrect, until I understood why the answer was or was not chosen. My reason for using only one source is because I didn't want to confuse myself with the 'one book said this while another said that' issue. But I will admit that I spent a small fortune on study materials like NCLEX 3500 & 4000, Saunders NCLEX, etc., but I either gave them away or got refunds for all accept the Kaplan. Whatever's you use, just make sure that you know WHY you made your choice and spend a few moments acknowledging why you DIDN'T choose any of the other choices to make sure you feel without a doubt or with minimal doubt that you selected the best answer. Good luck on your next attempt.
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    @ St_Claire.

    Thanks for your advice. I think I need to study content. Im taking the exam again this April. Im worried because the test plan will change. I dont know what my chances are by then.
  7. by   ertl
    @ leanforward

    Thanks for your advice. I didnt do the assessment for Kaplan and Saunders.I went straight to study mode. I was in a hurry to read as many q and a as possible. I feel that I dont want to go back to reading books again . I graduated a long time ago that's why its hard . But it seems to me that"s what I should do. I have no choice but to take the exam in April because I have to wait 45 days. Its unfortunate because Nclex will change their test plan.
  8. by   ertl
    Thanks for your advice. I am going to consider reading just one book. I hope it will help me the same way it helped you.
  9. by   St_Claire
    Ertl, the Kaplan Strategy book has not changed for years. I have one from 2007/2008 and it is identical, word for word to the 2012/2013 edition. My local library had quite a few of the older books on their shelves. I read the strategies then practiced questions online and read the rationales.