nclex RN exam without a calculation or check all that apply!!!!

  1. I am so glad I discovered this wonderful forum. I retook my nclex RN exam yesterday 9/26, had 75 questions without calculations or check all that apply question!!!. The first test I took in july I had all 265 questions with 2 cal and 3 check all that apply.I think this is weird and contrary to what I have been reading on this forum, I left not knowing what to think. I did not think the questions were too hard or too easy. When the computer shot off in 75th question I felt so nauseated and wished I could bring the screen back. Right now I am sooooooo scared that I failed again b/c I have never seen or heard of anyone without calculation and hot spot question. I know some people have either or both; but in my case I did not have any. I had tons of infection control/prioritization/medication questions. Do I have any hope of passing? I am totally depressed.
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  3. by   azor
    Oh Dear!!!! you dont have to be depressed.You mustn't have calculations or select all that apply.I didnt have calculations and so do many pple that passed though i had select all that apply.Priority and medications are hard enough to earn you high scores that will scale you through.You've passed,I tell you that.Dont be depressed,its ok.Just be positve cos you've done it.That title[RN] is yours.congrats
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    not everyone gets all. good luck