NCLEX RN Exam! HELP! (May 2017) - page 8

Hello Everybody! I'm testing NCLEX RN Exam at the end of May. I'm focusing on UWORLD as the rationales are really on point! I also have Saunders, LaCharity and other resources but I prefer Uworld... Read More

  1. by   Tanguy95
    Hey all. I'm looking for a good review class in the South FL area. Took my last nclex early this year but didn't pass. I was disappointed after all that studying so I didn't do anything. I'm ready now but need a really good review even a tutor. Could someone please help me out.
    Thank you
  2. by   Carollove
    Hi, Good day.I am Carol, a phiippines license nurse want to take Nclex exam,anyone can suggest to me what state I will choose for my application,how can I apply for it and which state is the highest passer for filipinos?
  3. by   Thisnursepris
    Hi nurses!
    The NCLEX is challenging and because it determines whether or not you can be a nurse in North America, we all need to go through this at least once. I just want to remind you all, you can definitely do it!!!!! I wrote my exam in 2016 and ever since I passed I always felt the need to share my experience.
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