Nclex-rn- 6/18/07

  1. Who else is taking NCLEX tomorrow?

    I am schedule for 9am. I am trying to finish up studying (looking over some lab values and some last minute things), and get my paperwork (ATT and directions) together. It's 6:30 pm here, and I am trying to wind down for the night already... hopefully I'll be in bed in a few hours!

    I woke up early so I wouldn't be awake until 2am again (like I have for the last couple weeks), and it is working... I'm exhausted

    Good luck for EVERYONE who is testing tomorrow. I am sure I will be back on here telling ALL about the test, and freaking out tomorrow.
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  3. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Good luck to you as well. I am also testing tommorow, but scheduled mine for the afternoon (1:15) cause I am just not a morning person and I cant go to bed early. I am a bit nervous as you probably are as well. Hopefully we will both do fine... Keep us posted!

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  4. by   Duncan3178
    i take mine tomorrow at 2pm. i can honestly tell you that i have never been so nervous in my life over one test!! i have done kaplan, been doing the q-bank, and got through the first 5 question trainers. i feel like if i looked at one more test or trainer that i might puke! so, i think that i am calling it a done deal, and let the NCLEX gods take over from here. what will be, will be, and is out of my hands now!!!

    so, good luck to all of us tomorrow. and hopefully, good news will come in 48 hours! (those of us in the quick results area!)
  5. by   jodyangel
    I'm with ya! I just hope I find the center lol. I'm setting my alarm for 5:30am. Having breakfast like they recommend and then heading to Dover De!!
  6. by   tuscon39
    good luck to you all. i took mine last week, PASSED!!!!!!! 75 questions. i thought i was going to die but now that im calmed down it really wasnt that bad. you will feel the same way. you all will do great and you WILL pass. get some rest, take some candy in with you, use the ear plugs, and take your time and READ the whole question. best of luck!!!!!:spin:
  7. by   jessi1106
    BEst of luck to all of you testing tomorrow!
  8. by   nurseaboveboard
    Oh Gosh! Hope it's not too late to wish you well and great luck! I was JUST NOW telling my son about my boards and I took them in 1982! You never forget! All of us I'm sure are sending good thoughts your way! Anyone who reads this post, CONCENTRATE! Best to all!! Oh, and congrats to all who have gone before you!
  9. by   jillnurse2b
    Good luck everyone!! I will be in your shoes in 12 days
  10. by   RNinJune2007
    thanks for all the wishes of luck, everyone! I am just finishing up breakfast and will be leaving soon for the testing center!
  11. by   RNinJune2007
    I'm done!

    I got to the testing center around 730, and sat in my car until 15 till 8. I took one last look at lab values, and went in. A few other people were waiting, and we waited until about 815 until the center opened.

    I got checked in, and began the tutorial around 830. After the tutorial (and before beginning to answer the test), I did a brain dump. I did all lab values, and med levels that I rememered as well as endocrine (Hypo/hyper thyroid, Hypo/Hyper parathyroidism, Cushings and addisons), which made me feel better.

    I started the actual testing around 845 or so, and finished with 75 questions at about 920. I got a lot of priority (who would the nurse see/call back first), and delegation (What is the most approp. activity for the NA to complete...) and NO med calculations. I had quite a few meds but they weren't absolutely impossible to answer. I knew at least 1/2 of the meds and the other half, you could mostly use the name of the med to figure it out.

    I did not walk out crying or feeling crappy, I feel confident (although I think if I'd not hung out on here and found out that I will get 1/2 wrong regardless of pass/fail I would have been in tears!), although I am not happy about having to wait 48 hours to find out (I'm impatient!).

    I plan to take the next two days to RELAX!

    GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE ELSE TODAY. I learned that although stressful, the actual test was not as tough as I'd had drilled into my brain. It took thinking, but I used the info. from nursing school and felt confident in the answers.
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  12. by   mrod
    WOW, awesome...I take mine on Friday at 8am...please tell us on Wed if you passed, I am sure you did!
  13. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Took it today too.. shut off at 75, now the loooooong wait...

  14. by   apple84
    good luck everyone! i take mine tomorrow at 3pm!