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Hi there, I graduated from an ADN program back in 2015. Just to give you a time line of my NCLEX Attempts: LPN FAIL LPN PASS RN FAIL RN FAIL RN FAIL RN FAIL... Read More

  1. by   elitekunbi
    Hi Meassa. Congratulations!!!!!. Pls i need your assistance on tools to study. Im planning to do mine in March. NCLEX RN.
  2. by   meassa
    Hi guys. I am getting hundreds of emails so I am doing my best to get back to every single person. Thank you for your patience!
  3. by   outofideas
    Hi everyone, I too have taken the NCLEX RN 8 times now and graduated back in 2010. Took it again on February 20. Tried the pearson trick that gave me a good pop up but I don't really know if it works, it won't allow me to register again. Afraid to do quick results.
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  4. by   keke945
    I probably went through Uworld at least 3 times. I told my friend to do the same and she passed too. But realistically not every study program is for everyone. I just noticed because I did Kaplan, NCSBN, Uworld, and the 2 week trial of Hurst that the program that was most similar to the NCLEX was Uworld. Definitely don't give up. I used Uworld on the 3rd attempt and passed with 75 questions. I was happy but frustrated because if I knew how great Uworld was I would have used it the first time. There was actually a question on the NCLEX that was word-for-word the same as one I saw on Uworld.
  5. by   Gracieboo
    I took the test on 2/28 & just know I failed like I know I did. I had all 265 questions. I'm so depressed. I did do the PVT with the incorrect expiration date for my cc & got the "good pop up". But I don't feel any better bc I don't think the pvt is real
  6. by   meassa
    From what I have heard, people that do the PVT correctly and get the good pop up end up passing. I have not heard of anyone who got the good pop up and failed. But then again it is just a trick...but every time I ever did it, it was accurate. Who knows

    Good luck .
  7. by   divz14
    I take the NCLEX-RN on February 28 @8AM Philippine Time! I am a foreign educated nurse and the computer shut off at 75. It is my first attempt and I used Saunders Comprehensive Review 7th edition, La Charity Prioritization Delegation and Assignment, and UWorld for 30 days. After I received the email from Pearson Vue, I did the trick up to 48 hours after and almost every hour I am doing the trick to make sure it is still good pop out! Today! I am officially USRN!!
  8. by   joLPNtoRN
    Would you say that the NCLEX questions were like the practice questions that are available?
  9. by   meassa
    I actually had a few identical UWORLD questions
  10. by   DJLongfellow
    Use all available resources to help study for NCLEX. Good luck!
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  11. by   futureern.
    Hey guys, I took my NCLEX RN yesterday, April 23rd 2018 ,and the computer shut off at 76 questions ,but then they had me do some "experimental questions" which they said wouldn't count against my test. I believe this were a new format kind of questions they are trying to introduce on the nclex exams. It took me an extra 25mins to complete those (they were 30 questions) I haven't done the PVT trick,I'll just wait on the official results.I studied and prayed ALOT and I took God with me to that testing Hoping for the best..Ps:I graduated from nursing school 5 years ago took NCLEX twice unsuccessful so I got frustrated,and started pursuing other things.I decided to take it again this year 2018 .
  12. by   AllyAnnie2115
    What did you use to study?
  13. by   harmonicpawn
    You're a special kind of inspiration to people like me who at one point felt the frustration of failure.