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  1. Considering Nursing, Good and Bad?

    Follow your passion because all roads will lead to there in the end. I would recommend reading up on everything you can find about the occupation. You may find you want to be a travel nurse. There are a lot of options in the nursing industry.
  2. Trouble Finding Work

    I agree, with a previous comment, the lack of a degree may be hurting your chances. If that is the case, and you do put the time and effort into a BSN then you will be on par with the competitive landscape. You need an edge because lets face it, your...
  3. (a bit of a rant) how do you deal with exhaustion long days

    Follow your heart, follow your passion, the rest will work itself out. But, do take care of yourself with trying to get adequate sleep and a sleep schedule, eating properly (avoid binge carbs & sweets). Whatever your belief, ask for spiritual gui...
  4. Msn degree and working full time

    Take a look at online opportunities.
  5. NCLEX - RN 2018

    Use all available resources to help study for NCLEX. Good luck!